At Prohealth Sports & Spinal, we highly encourage and promote healthy living. Below are a collection of useful tips and resources to help you maintain good health, prevent injuries and manage pain.

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Heat Packs - A Great Gift for Better Movement and Posture, from our physiotherapists at Prohealth Sports & Spinal Hong Kong

The Best Gift Ideas from Our Physiotherapists

If you’re looking for unique gifts for someone, here are a list of highly useful and practical wellness-related gift ideas for anyone. After all, there is nothing better than the gift of pain relief and relaxation!

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Is Your Neck Causing Your Headache?

Have you been suffering from headaches for a long time? Did you know the nagging and throbbing pain in your head could actually be caused by neck-related problems?
Neck-related headache, or cervicogenic headache, is a type of headache that originates from your neck.

Arnold Tsang

新冠肺炎的處理: 物理治療建議

病菌肆虐,或許你或你身邊的人最近被診斷出感染了新冠肺炎。 藉此,我想從過去兩年一直在處理這個問題的南非同事那裡,分享一些實用的建議。

Mel Potgieter

Management of COVID -Physiotherapy Advice

It might be that you, a family member or a friend have recently been diagnosed with COVID -19. I would like to pass on some practical advice from my colleagues in South Africa who have been dealing with this for the last 2 years.

Mel Potgieter

Why do we often say that “Movement is Life”?

Healthy bones are an indication of and affect your general health. The personal cost of osteoporosis in terms of risk of injury, pain, quality of life and rehabilitation time as well as the financial cost to the community as a whole is significant.

Judith Anne Gould

Should I Exercise During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant moms, so many changes in your life. Your body shape, your energy and your expectations. Many are unsure whether exercising when pregnant is safe and if you should exercise while pregnant.

Mel Potgieter



Maritza Lue


頸痛 相信很多都市人會因頸痛令生活帶來困擾,香港成年人的平均工作時長較全球平均水平多27%,因此長時間使用螢幕而引起的頸痛案例一直上升。讓我們深入了解導致頸痛的成因並提出建議讓你能減輕煩人的頸痛吧! 導致頸痛的成因?

Angela Leung

A Pain in the Neck

Neck pain can be truly debilitating, with the average Hong Kong adult working 27% more hours than the global average, neck pain caused by screen time.

Angela Leung

Runner’s Incontinence

Another cause of incontinence is abdominal separation (diastasis rectus). During pregnancy, your abdomen splits open for the growing belly. After giving birth, unfortunately the abdomen does not repair itself.

Maritza Lue


產前無痛之旅 客戶真實案例分享 懷孕期間也可以告別腰背痛,向痛楚說「不」!來自Ms. Holder關於產前無痛之旅故事分享。 「 我目前已經懷孕24週,但我已經沒有任何因懷孕帶來新的痛楚。我相信這歸功於為我度身訂造的物理治療療程。

Maritza Lue