Angela Leung

Angela Leung

  • BSc Physiotherapy Hons (UK, HCPC)
  • Acupuncture AACP
  • Registered Physiotherapist
  • Certified Pelvic Health Physio

Area of Expertise

  • Occupational related conditions (tech neck / repetitive strain injuries)
  • Upper limb conditions (frozen shoulders, tennis elbows)
  • Spinal pain (neck and back)
  • Sports injuries & Rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture & Dry needling
  • Runners rehabilitation & Analysis
  • Musculoskeletal conditions & Chronic pain
  • Women’s and Men’s health (incontinence, post natal/pre natal, diastasis recti)

Tell us about your background in physiotherapy:

I completed my Physiotherapy degree at The University of Nottingham (UK), and immediately specialised in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. I began my career in the NHS before moving onto the private sector, as well as working as one of the physiotherapists for a professional football team during their season in the British EFL Championship.

In 2018 I opened my first clinic in the UK, and expanded into a second in 2019. Within my clinics I had a special interest in treating work related injuries and spinal pain due to poor working postures. At the end of 2019, I relocated to Hong Kong to be with family, and join the Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy centre in 2020. 

What are your interests?

I have been weight lifting at the gym for nearly 2 years, although I am no power lifter, it’s been a really cool discipline to learn. In my spare time I love hanging out and dining out with friends over a cocktail and a cool story to share the next day!

Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

A great experience for me was learning to open and run a business aged 26 with only £200 in my pocket. This experience made me quickly pick up how to maximise and optimise every opportunity and sparked my love for business and team management (crazy, I know!). Another physio related one would be aged 17 I broke my ankle and experienced, unfortunately, poor Physiotherapy for the first time, which has spurred me to never let any of my clients experience what I did.

What is your area of expertise?

I treat all musculoskeletal conditions but my special interest is in spinal pain, especially neck and lower back, as well as postural correction. I particularly enjoy “balancing” people back out when they are wonky and imbalanced. I also specialise in treating work related pain, and majority of my case load is filled by my office warriors!

What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

The most fulfilling part is firstly getting clients better, seeing them become pain free but most importantly is getting clients back into what they have had to stop doing due to their injuries. That always brings a smile to my face!

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What Our Clients Say

Angela is one of the best physiotherapist in town! She is excellent in treating all the issues I had. There is a drastic differences after a few visits. Her treatments and the exercises she recommended are very effective. She is very patient with me so I highly recommend her!

Catherine Cheng

I see Angela for shoulder and spine issues. Angela is a good listener, and she finds the root cause and treats a problem for the long term. I’m very impressed with her diagnosis each time as her treatment is effective for the long term. She is skilled in different treatments, including acupuncture. Her deep manual therapy skills are very good and provide immediate relief as well. Also like her treatment advice on home exercises and lifestyle changes, as her advice is practical and she keeps home exercise routines manageable. I can’t recommend her enough.

Cher Eng Low

I started my physio sessions with Angela Leung since July 2022 due to muscle issues after a breast cancer surgery. I found her via Instagram videos she posted regularly. Angela is very attentive to my concern which makes me feel relaxed and less worried. She is a very pleasant person with excellent professional skills. Doing the treatment once a week, I have very good improvement that I can enjoy normal activities with ease. I must say that I am so blessed to meet Angela last year.

Cindy Sin

Had Angela for my treatments. Very professional and effective

Cm Y.

Angela provides great help with my neck and shoulder problems, and you can tell the differences before and after the session straightaway. Highly recommended!

Ingrid Chung

I visited the centre and Angela was my physiotherapist. She was patient and knowledgeable. My mid-back feels a lot more comfortable and less tight.

Jacky Hui Chung

Great experience. Thank you Angela for saving me from my neck pain!

Jasmine Leung

Overall a great clinic. Highly recommend Angela! Great physio and knows exactly how to sort out aches and pains!

KaYin Au-Yeung

Angela was awesome. She was very friendly and professional and knew what she was doing. She was able to explain clearly why and what was going on, so that we could deal with the root and not just the symptoms. I had trouble with pain with my shoulder whenever I raised my arms, and after my third session it was pain free. After that, we just worked on strengthening. I’m so glad to have met her, and I’m just sharing this blessing, instead of keeping this secret to myself.

Ken Chien

I started seeing Angela about lower back, neck and shoulder pain off the back of a recommendation from a friend. Angela got straight to the root of the problem and was great at educating me on why I was feeling pain and how we can correct it through physio and exercise. Angela is professional and shows a huge amount of care for her clients – I always look forward to my sessions with her and seeing improvements in my posture and mobility. I highly recommend her services!

Kirsten Hill

Tried out a few physiotherapy places in town but this clinic is best so far. Angela Leung is great and have helped sort out my ankle injury since day 1 from treatments to taping and advising on rehab exercises. Highly recommend Sports & Spinal!

Kiwan C.

Tried out a few physio but this clinic is best so far. Angela is great and have helped sort out my ankle injury. highly recommend it!

Kiwan Chung

Angela is incredible! Super knowledgable, and gives very effective treatment/advice. My back felt better after just one physio session with her!

Leah Birkby

Thank you so much for fixing my handwrist Angela! After injuring myself playing squash and carrying my baby everyday, I started having my treatment with Angela. I recommend her 100 %! She is professional and has so much knowledge in what she does. On top of that she’s been wonderful whenever I brought my baby in and definitely breastfeeding friendly ?

Lina Luna

Was introduced to Angela late last year and have been visiting regularly since. Always patient and effective in her treatments - I can definitely feel the difference before and after each session. Highly recommended!

Lincoln C.

I have been having pain in my shoulder blade area for years and have seen countless physios and chiros in Hong Kong but was never able to solve the issue. I was recommended to Angela by a friend and seeing her was the best decision I have made. She knew exactly what my issue was and carefully explained what I needed to do to fix it. Her treatment is always on point and doesn’t waste time on unnecessary things. I highly recommend Angela to anyone who is going through any sort of muscle/physical pain.  

Lucas Lu

I came in barely able to walk because of my left knee. Angela Leung got me walking within the week, and progressively built up my strength in my left knee. Super grateful for all the help over the months to restore the full range of my knee.

Lynn K.

Very happy with Angela‘s treatment. Went to see Angela for a knee and heel issue. She was professional in recommending just a series of exercise for my knee while she treated my heel. The exercise totally resolved my knee issue and she did treat / resolve my heel issue too.

Me T

Have had consistently great service from Angela Leung and the team at Sports And Spinal here in Hong Kong. I would recommend them for all your physio needs ??

Naeem A.

Would highly recommend Sports & Spinal, and especially my physiotherapist Angela. I went to see Angela for neck and back issues, and saw a significant improvement after just one session. Angela takes the time to talk you through the treatment, and is clearly very experienced in deep tissue treatment.

Nicholas Michael

Angela is absolutely amazing. Not only does she help instantly relieve my pain, but she also sends tips and videos of the exercises that I should be doing at home! Super considerate and awesome❤️

Nikki Ku

Angela is very patient and thorough, and she has so much positive energy! I have bad neck and shoulder pain, can feel the difference after a few sessions.

Pansy Ho

I’ve had such a great experience here. Angela Leung (my therapist) has been very professional and knowledgeable in the body, tendons and muscles. She has been the only physiotherapist that was able to give me a timeline to my recovery and achieve what she said she can do for me, this can only happen through her knowledge and experience. On top of her ability, she is also friendly and approachable which helps make my sessions much more pleasurable.

Rachel Ngan

I found my physiotherapist Angela on Instagram and contacted her to get consultation and treatment for my plantar fasciitis and TMJ. She is very experienced & professional and gives good advise on what to do and not. I like that every session there's a difference to fix my issues for that session versus a fixed template that some physio clinics adopt.

Regine Wong

Been dealing with nerve and arm/shoulder pain. Have been having Physio sessions with Angela on a regular basis and her expertise has been extremely helpful. She clearly is an expert in her field and I would highly recommend treatment with Angela – 10/10.

Ryan Voon

I originally went to see Angela after suffering a new sporting injury. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and subsequently now go to see her in regards to older, reoccurring sports injuries as well as new. Would highly recommend

Sion Bennett

Excellent practice with professional and friendly staff. Angela is in particular an outstanding physiotherapist.

Sung Kang

I have been going to Angela for all my physio needs and sports injuries. The difference I feel before and after the sessions are truly amazing. I highly recommend the practice, everything is well thought-out and organized, from making an appointment to follow-ups.

Susan H.

Angela is amazing - she has magic in her hands!

Vanisha H.

Amazing clinic, very clean and the staff are super friendly. Highly recommend the Physio name Angela! She is really professional and knowledgeable. She knew exactly what is wrong and how to fix my back pains that has been bothering me for over 10 years!

Vic Chan

I have had treatment with Angela and always with excellent results. Absolutely fabulous treatment. Highly recommended!

Wai Ying Wong

Highly recommend Angela. Always resolves the issue. Great clinic!


Angela has been very helpful in working on my scoliosis as well as other issues like neck pain and related headaches, through both the sessions and by providing exercises to do at home to prevent future pain and strengthen the muscles.

Wee Lee Tan

Best treatment in Hong Kong I have received so far. Helped relieve my neck and back pain!

Xiaolu W.

Couldn’t recommend Sports & Spinal enough! Angela has helped me through a knee injury, neck and shoulder issues (due to months of work from home) and a host of other aches and pains. I especially recommend her for neck and shoulder issues as she was able to relieve pain and pressure in a single session, and the steady improvement on my posture was incredible. She also adjusted at-home exercises to make them easier for my busy life (and therefore, very doable!) so I really felt the benefits of her investment in my treatments. Also, she’s great to chat to, so her sessions are always somehow very fun!

Zahra Jamshed

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