Running Assessment

Running Assessment Programme

For runners of all experience levels

Whether you are preparing for a marathon, or are a recreational runner beginning a training program, a running assessment offered by our physiotherapists is a great place to start improving your overall performance and form, injury-free!

What is a Running Assessment?

A Running Assessment is an effective method of assessing your running technique. Our running physiotherapists will conduct a full gait and running style analysis to assess your running biomechanics. A thorough analysis will assess your running mechanics, any areas that have potential to cause injury.

From there, they can identify 
factors you can modify and/or improve to train more effectively and optimise your running performance. We will also develop a programme to improve running technique and help you reach your goals.

How Does This Running Assessment Programme Help?

At Prohealth Sports And Spinal, we believe that a good running style and correct muscle balance will lead to better running performance, faster recovery from injury, and prevention of possible future injuries. Whether you are a recreational runner or an elite athlete of any age, our expert physiotherapists can provide an in-depth analysis to ascertain where your asymmetries are and develop a customised programme to address any biomechanical issues.

This programme will assist you in planning for your first marathon, or if it’s your dream to spend days running across a desert, we can advise you on how to maintain optimal performance and remain injury-free.

These sessions will cover comprehensive discussions on current injuries, advice on common injuries like patellofemoral pain and Achilles tendinopathy, the best treatment approaches, footwear recommendations and a customised running-specific exercise prescription plan that is tailored to your strength, flexibility, alignment and movement capacity.

Your First Initial Assessment

Here is what you can expect during your first Running Assessment session at Sports & Spinal:

Detailed subjective assessment of where you feel your issues are and how you wish to improve – This will also include a discussion about your training programme, footwear analysis, any mechanical inefficiencies, tissue stress, incorrect movement patterns etc.

  • Full assessment of body alignment, posture, and leg length
  • Full testing of muscle length with an emphasis on those muscles specifically designed for running
  • Videos are taken of your running style and then analysed by physiotherapist together with you
  • Full testing of muscle strength with an emphasis on core muscles and those specifically required for running
  • Discussion of assessment results and a treatment plan will be devised
Subsequent Sessions Include:
  • Discussion of any issues that may have arisen since initial assessment, addressing running fault
  • Manual physiotherapy treatment as required
  • Individualised rehabilitation programme incorporating mobility exercises and/ or strengthening exercise prescription programme initiated using clinical Pilates and/ or gym equipment within the clinic
  • Review and progression of home exercise prescription programme that includes a report with a rehab plan based on your needs
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