Leo Choi

Leo Choi

  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy (HK)
  • Master of Manipulative Therapy (Curtin)
  • Diploma in Acupuncture and Moxibustion (HKIP)
  • Registered Physiotherapist

Area of Expertise

  • Manual therapy for joint mobilisation, acupuncture
  • Spinal pain like whiplash, cervicogenic headaches, spinal disc injuries
  • Analysing biomechanics of sports injuries
  • Knee and shoulder dysfunctions, rotator cuff impingements, runner’s knee conditions
  • Exercise rehabilitation for muscle imbalances

Tell us about your background in physiotherapy:

I graduated in Hong Kong and gained my extensive experience working in both Singapore and Hong Kong. In 2006, I extended my practice with a Masters Degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy from Curtin University and specialised in the musculoskeletal area. I have also acquired a Diploma of Acupuncture and Moxibustion which gives me more treatment options to deal with various complicated injuries. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to work with various professional athletes in rugby, tennis and at golf tournaments. I am a former team physiotherapist for the Rugby section of Valley Football Club.

What are your interests?

I am an active sportsman. I love sports climbing, squash and basketball. Basically I like most competitive sports where there is passion and excitement, which is why I understand the importance of returning to sports quickly and regaining top performance. I love to work with all athletes and help them to excel in their sports performance and prevent any possible injury. I spend most of my weekends watching rugby, soccer and tennis games, as long as my cheering and screams do not wake up my two lovely daughters. My understanding of various sports fields helps me to know the functional needs and demands of different type of sports. I also enjoy venturing into photography, especially when it’s to capture the wholesome beauty of my lovely wife and two adorable daughters!

Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

Nothing more adventurous than being a father of two. I am constantly amazed at how fast kids learn and grow up. To learn and try new things without any fear, isn’t that the same attitude we have to possess during rehabilitation?

What is your area of expertise?

I am experienced in the management of spinal pain like whiplash, cervicogenic headaches and spinal disc injuries. My strength is in analysing the biomechanics of different sports injuries, particularly for knee and shoulder dysfunctions, for example, a rotator cuff impingement or runner’s knee condition. It is of the utmost importance to develop appropriate exercise rehabilitation for muscle imbalance. My philosophy is to combine evidence based exercises with highly-skilled manual therapy like joint mobilisation, acupuncture and fascia release in a holistic rehabilitation programme to restore maximum functionality in a painless and effective way.

What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

I definitely enjoy the journey of helping my patients return to their normal lifestyles, even if they are only “weekend warriors”. It’s such a joy when they tell me they are pain free or perform better after my treatments. I love to see people enjoy their sports, strive to perform their best and enjoy their active lifestyles.

What Our Clients Say

I have being seeing Leo for support with various sporting injuries for the past 5 years. Every session has had a tangible impact and sped my recovery considerably. Highly recommend the service.

Mark J.

Wonderful service, Leo got me back to full mobility. I recommend him to everyone I know!

Meizhen Xi

My physiotherapy sessions with Leo Choi were very helpful for my neck problem and I really appreciate his professional service and very polite and attentive way of treating his patients. Thank you very much.


I’ve been going to Prohealth for almost two years now and my physiotherapist Leo has been a lifesaver. Highly recommend it for office slaves who sometimes just have to sit all day long. They can def help with your back and neck pain. And of course, if you injure yourself during sports, that too.

Yang Yang

PT Leo is super professional in being able to diagnose my neck pain problems so accurately and I felt so much better right after his treatments!! And the receptionists are so polite and friendly!! Highly recommended!!

Catherine Sin Yee Wong

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