Kelly Suen

Kelly Suen

•⁠  ⁠Bachelor of Biomedicine (AUS)
•⁠  ⁠Master in Physiotherapy (HKPU)
•⁠  ⁠Registered Physiotherapist (HK)

Area of Expertise

•⁠ Musculoskeletal conditions and spinal pain

•⁠ Work-related conditions (neck and back pain)Neck related headaches

•⁠ Sports injuries and rehabilitation

•⁠ Pre and post-operative rehabilitation (orthopaedic)

•⁠ Manual therapy including soft tissue release & joint mobilisation

•⁠ Exercise prescription and rehabilitation

Tell us about your background in physiotherapy:

I graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master in Physiotherapy. During my placements, I have gained extensive experience working in public hospitals. This has allowed me to gain invaluable clinical experience in neurology, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, and in-patient specialties.

Alongside, I have also worked in private sports clinics, focusing on spinal cases, sports rehabilitation, and education on injury prevention. On the journey of exploring various specialities, I have gained a strong interest in musculoskeletal injuries and decided to advance my skillset by completing the Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy by Manual Concepts in Perth, Australia. I have also volunteered as an on-site physiotherapist in national sports teams, providing acute treatment to athletes.

What are your interests?

I enjoy going to the gym for weightlifting and metabolic conditioning training. I also do Pilates, yoga and hike regularly (I like nature!). I think these sports allow me to understand body mechanics and relate to my patients more. 

On the other hand, I like travelling and singing with my friends. I listen to all kinds of music from jazz to musicals to classical music.

Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

A turning point in my life was getting a fractured ankle while biking in Australia. At that time, I had no knowledge of fractures since I was not a physiotherapy student. I thought I simply got an ankle sprain and insisted on hiking up the mountain for the sunset. After some time, I couldn’t bear weight on my foot and had to be carried up and down the mountain. A few more days of unbearable pain led me to the hospital where I was told I had a fracture and had to undergo surgery. From there, I got to experience first-hand how crucial physiotherapy is in injury rehabilitation. I was inspired by my physiotherapist and decided to apply for Masters in Physiotherapy!

What is your area of expertise?

I treat patients with all sorts of musculoskeletal conditions, including work-related discomfort and sports injuries. In particular, I am highly interested in acute and chronic spinal pain.

I aim to provide comprehensive assessment and personalised treatment to help each client reach their goals and feel better. I like to utilise manual therapy, exercise prescriptions and biomechanical assessments to facilitate recovery.

What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

I find it fulfilling when I see improvement in my clients’ conditions. This can be alleviating their pain or helping them return to their regular activities/sports without having to worry about any physical limitations.

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