Jaw Pain & TMJ Disorders

Jaw Pain & TMJ Disorders

Welcome to Prohealth Sports and Spinal! Our physiotherapists are highly experienced in providing effective and personalised treatments for jaw pain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Our dedicated team understands the impact that jaw pain can have on your daily life, from difficulty chewing to persistent discomfort.

Through our tailored treatment approach, we aim to alleviate your symptoms, improve jaw function, and help you achieve long-term relief.

How Can Physiotherapy Help with Jaw Pain?

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) or the jaw, is responsible for performing everyday actions like talking and chewing. Apart from stress and anxiety, TMJ pain can be caused by various factors, including trauma, arthritis, neck pain, poor oral habits or other underlying conditions.

In many cases, TMJ disorders persist and do not go away on their own. At Prohealth Sports & Spinal, our TMJ physiotherapists provide a customised manual treatment plan to identity the root cause of the pain, address the patient’s specific ailment and ensure a comprehensive recovery.

Symptoms of Jaw Pain & TMJ Disorders

Recognizing the common symptoms associated with jaw pain and TMJ disorders is crucial. These symptoms may include:

Pain in the jaw area, either one side or both sides

Difficulty chewing especially hard food such as nuts, crusty bread or raw carrots

Pain in areas adjacent to the jaw such as the neck or head

Clicking or grating sounds when opening or closing the mouth

Headaches and dizziness

Our Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Your physiotherapy consultation for jaw pain begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your jaw and neck movements to determine the underlying issues. Your physiotherapist will then provide manual treatment techniques, including musculoskeletal manipulation, soft tissue massage, and dry needling, as well as introducing exercises that will improve jaw dysfunction.

Follow up sessions would include full postural assessments, patient education, and addressing any poor lifestyle habits that may have contributed to the pain.

Once the patient is free from jaw pain, the physiotherapist will also provide advice, helpful tips and prescribe exercises to help prevent the recurrence of jaw pain.

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If you are experiencing jaw pain or suspect you have a TMJ disorder, our dedicated physiotherapists are here to help you find relief. Take the first step towards a pain-free jaw and improved quality of life by booking an appointment with us today. You can conveniently book online through our website, contact us directly via phone or WhatsApp, or email us for more information.

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