Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Why Choose Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Centres?

At Prohealth Sports & Spinal, our physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in treating sports injuries from clients of all sporting abilities. 

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, our extensive qualifications and experience allow us to tailor each treatment programme to your sport, injury and requirements.

We can also work with you to maintain peak condition and developing strength and flexibility for your sport. 

Different Types of Sports Injuries

Recreational physical activities and competitive athletics account for a significant number of injuries, and these tissue injuries can be classified as macro-traumatic and micro-traumatic.

Macro-traumatic injuries are usually due to a strong force, and are common in contact sports like football and rugby. Micro-traumatic injuries are chronic injuries resulting from overuse of a muscle, joint, ligament or tendon. Our physical therapists are skilled at treating micro and macro-traumatic conditions such as chronic injuries occurring from sports, ACL tears, shoulder dislocation or separation, rotator cuff injuries, fractures and many more.

Our physiotherapists can assess, diagnose and treat various types of sporting related injuries. These include:

We Also Provide Sports Massage Therapy

We have a dedicated, in-house therapist available to provide bespoke sports massage therapy for clients. Sports massage therapy is a highly effective treatment technique to help your body in maintaining sports performance, assisting with recovery and relieving tension. It is one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent muscle injuries or pain. 

Learn more about our sports massage services here.

Assessment and Diagnosis

The ultimate goal of the rehabilitation process is to limit the extent of the injury, reduce or reverse the impairment and functional loss, and prevent or eliminate altogether the health condition. During the initial assessment, your physiotherapist will run a range of different tests to ascertain the area and level of injury, and then create a treatment plan that fits your unique requirements.

Treatment Sessions

Depending on the type of injury you have sustained, your treatment will include a number of parts which may include strengthening and mobilisation exercises, pain relief techniques and functional skills. Our specialist physiotherapists will work with you to provide a thorough rehabilitation programme which will ensure a quick recovery, restoring full function and strengthening weakened muscle groups so that the risk of reinjury is minimised.

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