Wrist Pain

Wrist and Hand Pain

Wrist pain can be caused by several factors, from acute causes such as sprains or fractures to long-term problems, such as repetitive stress, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The most common causes of hand and wrist pain include:

Sprains / Fractures
Any injury to the ligaments surrounding the wrist results in a sprain. A wrist fracture is when a person has broken one of the small bones in the wrist joint, or the distal radius that make up the forearm

Repetitive Stress
Any activity that involves moving the wrist and fingers repetitively or frequently can inflame the tissues around the joints. Such activities can stem from typing on the keyboard, sports, weightlifting, playing an instrument, driving and more

This is the inflammation or swelling of the joints, leading to pain and stiffness

Trigger Finger
This is the swelling of the tendon, causing the affected finger/thumb to lock in a bent position. It can be painful when you bend or straighten the affected finger.

De Quervain’s Tendinitis
This condition causes pain on the thumb side of the wrist. It is often painful to make a fist, hold objects or turn your wrist

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
A condition when there's increased pressure on the median nerve. This condition can lead to numbness, tingling or weakness in the hand muscles

Since there are many factors that can lead to hand and wrist pain, diagnosing the exact root cause of the injury can be difficult. It is essential to get an accurate diagnosis for proper treatment and rehabilitation.

Assessment and Diagnosis

In conjunction with medical history taking, our physios will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine the exact cause of your condition and the factors contributing to your injury. These tests will also help determine the exact location of your injury and the best course of treatment.

Treatment And Advice

Once our physiotherapists have diagnosed your condition accurately, they will customise a treatment plan to help you recover faster and return to full mobility.

We use a range of physiotherapy methods to treat hand and wrist conditions, including:

  • Manual therapy including soft tissue manipulation
  • Acupuncture or dry needling
  • Remedial exercises and stretches
  • Strengthening exercises to prevent re-injury
  • Lifestyle and activity adjustments to avoid aggravating the injury
Need Help?

If you have been experiencing hand or wrist pain for longer than a few days, make sure to consult your physiotherapist. If left untreated, these symptoms can last a long time and get worse. For example carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to irreversible nerve and muscle damage to your hands.

Our physiotherapists are here to help! Contact any of our clinics today to book your appointment. You may also book your appointment online through the link below:

For more information, contact us appt@sportsandspinal.hk or +852 2530 0073.

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