My physiotherapist is Christy, and she is amazing! I had knee pains from hiking, but have seen significant improvements in both my knees and performance even after only a few sessions. The schedule is also very flexible. Highly recommend!

Ran Y.

I’ve never met another more empathetic, kind, and wise physiotherapist. Wesley not only was professionally and gave a detailed explanation and treatment to me, he also made me feel very seen and understood. Wesley, and the front desk team together creates a very welcoming and nourishing environment.

Leo C.

Really lucky to have Vicky Wong help me with the ankle recovery. Vicky is professional, knowledgeable and super dedicated!

Ry Z.

Kevin is a friendly, well trained, knowledgeable physiotherapist who tries to help his clients to the best of his abilities. Really appreciate his treatments!

Hans Y.

Christy Lam is very knowledgeable and technical! She knows joints, muscles extremely well and knows exactly how to treat them. She helped me recover from my Achilles tendon repair very fast!I still consult her for any type of discomfort and pain.

Michael Thp

Maritza LueAbdominal separation: Within 2 months I was able to achieve great results.   Date: 21 Sept 2023, 12 Oct, 15 Nov Waist circumference at umbilicus: 87 cm: 85 cm : 85cm Waist circumference 1 inch below umbilicus: 93cm: 91cm : 89cm Waist circumference in lying: 83cm: 81cm: 81cm

Maria Y.

Meredith is great to work with, she will first work to understand your specific issues and then consistently work to fix them. She recommends targeted exercises to help reduce pain and strengthen your body over the long term.

Ryan M.

I am so lucky that I met Ms Christy Lam here! I have been suffering from the shoulders, neck, and back pain for more than 10 years to the point that I thought I had Fibromyalgia.. I was too busy to see the doctor and I thought these symptoms can be treated by just some massage. I went to several massage places. It didn’t get better until I can’t bear the pain anymore. I did a lot of researches and found Ms Christy via Google and I decided to try a treatment with her. Turned out she could treated these symptoms with the manual therapy + acupuncture. It took me 4 weeks ( 2 times a week) until my pain was gone!! How amazing ! I am super impressed by her professionalism and her personality! She is very friendly and would initiate the talk with her patients and that shows that she really cares for her patients ! I’m so grateful that she could help my symptoms get better and could teach me how to exercise. You will feel like she can also be your friend who you can share things with ! In conclusion, I highly recommend Ms Christy Lam ! She is someone you are looking for if you are suffering from the physical pain. Don’t go to the random massage place, but rather see a professional physiotherapist and I recommend highly recommend her.

Puttida K.

I came in barely able to walk because of my left knee. Angela Leung got me walking within the week, and progressively built up my strength in my left knee. Super grateful for all the help over the months to restore the full range of my knee.

Lynn K.

I highly recommend Christy Lam to anyone seeking exceptional physiotherapy services. Christy thoroughly assessed my condition, listened to my concerns, and performed a customised treatment per each session including massage, tailored exercise and acupuncture. Thanks to her expertise, I made significant progress in my neck and shoulder pain.

Ellie K.

I received very professional Physiotherapy services here which helps me recovering efficiently. I particularly would like to name Christy Lam, who was very kind and dedicated to her profession. I for sure will and have recommended to my friends who need help.

Billy Y.

Great experience. Lincoln is a great therapist, I full recommend him! Will definitely come back.

Alejandro C.

Went for physio sessions with Lincoln. He was attentive and professional during the course of my treatment. Highly recommend.


Vicky Wong provided excellent acupuncture service and healed my right elbow, which I injured from basketball. During the treatment process, she carefully inquired about my condition and diagnosed my arm. I understand that she is very knowledgable at sports and have a deep understanding of orthopaedics, so I am so happy that I chose her as my physiotherapist. She is an absolute professional during the process. After several sessions, my arm fully recovered. Thank you Vicky for the excellent treatment you gave me. Not only was the treatment excellent, but the atmosphere of kindness and joy ministered to my spirit and helped me heal emotionally as well. It was a blessing for me to have worked through my therapy with you!

Max L.

Started physio and back massage sessions with Lincoln due to sports injury. He’s very professional and caring. Attentive to patient feedback to adjust diagnosis. The centre is well setup and relaxing.

Dorothy L.

Great experience with Vicky. She is a professional and friendly physiotherapist. I can see improvement on my back pain after few sessions. Highly recommended!

Cherry T.

Super amazing physiotherapist. I’m an athlete with a lot of tight muscles and muscle fatigue. After every session, I feel amazing. Meredith Cheng knows where the soft spots are and hits the right areas that need extra care. She has this heat lamp that she uses to help alleviate the tension. Today, I went for a shoulder and neck session, as a result, my mobility / range of mobility substantially improved. Highly recommend!

Desmond C.

Meredith is a wonderful physiotherapist. She is kind, patient, and attentive. Her exercises and treatments have helped my problems effectively.


After suffering from degenerative disc disease and flat neck syndrome ; I had the amazing opportunity and chance to work with Christy for my issues. She taught me a lot about my soine and at home exercises that I could do on my own to keep a healthier spine and work on painful days.. She was very experienced and compassionate about all the questions I had about my issues and my body .. She even listened calmly on some days I was a bit off and probably frustrated about the pains 🙂 I feel safe to know that she’s got my back in any case of issue I might have anytime.  ?? Thank you!

Seda A.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Christy Lam, a remarkable physiotherapist who possesses an exceptional talent for acupuncture. I have been suffering from the shoulder impingement syndrome for more than one year. Before the acupuncture sessions, I had serious difficulty in lifting my left arm. My left shoulder was in consistent pain if I swing it at certain angles. After the acupuncture sessions, my condition is SO MUCH BETTER. From the moment I stepped into their clinic, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. Christy took the time to listen attentively to my concerns, thoroughly understanding my specific needs and goals. Her expertise in acupuncture was immediately evident as she carefully explained the process and addressed any questions or uncertainties I had. During the acupuncture sessions, I was consistently amazed by Christy's ability to accurately identify the key areas that required attention. Her knowledge of human anatomy and understanding of how the body functions were evident throughout the treatment. Her skilful placement of the needles, combined with a gentle touch, created a sense of comfort and trust. What truly sets Christy apart from other physiotherapists is her remarkable patience. She takes the time to ensure I am comfortable and relaxed before proceeding with the acupuncture. While perfection may not be attainable in any field, this physiotherapist's dedication to her craft and commitment to delivering exceptional care are truly commendable. I would tell her if I felt unconformable and she would quickly address my concern. Her ability to react to the areas requiring attention and her unwavering patience make every session a worthwhile experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Christy to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment.

Sunny W.

Meredith understands your pain points and very knowledgeable on how to address these. Tremendously helpful!

Jaehun L.

When I first came to the clinic few months ago feeling limited by my injury and even unable to engage in everyday activities or workouts, I was filled with frustration. Her attentiveness and genuine concern immediately put me at ease. It is proven that she is a knowledgable physiotherapist as she diligently assessed my condition and identified the root cause of my injury. Her commitment to educate her clients also set her apart. She took the time to educate me on recovery exercises and ensure they are correctly performed. The dedication to empowering clients with knowledge is greatly commendable. Thanks to her expertise and guidance, I have returned to the gym recently and I am amazed by this extraordinary transformation.

Hanson L.

I recently had the opportunity to receive physiotherapy treatment, and I must say that I am extremely grateful and highly impressed with the service I received. The experience was truly exceptional. First and foremost, the level of care and attention provided by the physiotherapist - Meredith Cheng was outstanding. She took the time to thoroughly assess my condition, listen to my concerns, and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to my needs. Their expertise and knowledge were evident throughout the entire process, and I felt confident that I was in capable hands.

Eunice C.

Meredith is a professional physiotherapist and helped me a lot with my ankle fracture recovery. She suggested appropriate exercises in different stages and provided me a lot of useful suggestions to tackle my pain problems.

Angel T.

Located close to the Central MTR station, the clinic is easy to access. My physiotherapist is Christy Lam, she listens attentively and understands my concern to provide a personalised approach to address my sprained ankle. In addition to the treatments at the clinic, she also followed through from time to time and taught me different exercises to allow me to get back to exercise sooner. My ankle is feeling and functioning much better now! Appreciate her help and I will definitely recommend her to anyone!

Chloe H.

So grateful for the help and guidance of my physio Christy, who has been instrumental in relieving my neck and shoulder pain. She taught me lots of exercises to correct my posture. She is not only skilled and knowledgeable, but also patient and compassionate. Appreciate with her treatment, she is awesome!

Sin Yee C.

Christy is a wonderful physiotherapist and she is patient and professional. She helped to relief my lower back pain with acupuncture and suggested some exercises to do at home. Happy with the improvement after few sessions. Highly recommended!

Janice H.

Lincoln Yeung does a fantastic job of analysing patient's needs and devising a comprehensive programme for recovery. I came to Lincoln to treat a flare up of plantar fasciitis which prevented me from running pain free. Working with Lincoln has been effective to enable me to resume running properly and his daily exercises are quick, efficient and helpful to improve my condition. In his physiotherapy sessions, time is also allocated to strength training exercises using gym equipment to strengthen muscles related to running. Lincoln would be able to work with patients with various sports backgrounds and injuries given his analytical and client-specific approach to physiotherapy. Highly recommended!

Tiffany W.

This clinic is conveniently located in Central, so easy access and also relatively easy to get an appointment. Meredith was my appointed physiotherapist and she was really professional and most importantly very friendly. She explained my injury in detail and provided guidance on the healing process.

Simon W.

Recovering from sciatica and had severe nerve pain 6 months ago. Fast forward to now with the help of both Chris and Meredith, my mobility and movement has improved immensely. Super professional, knowledgable and supportive, I’ve recommended the physios here to many friends and colleagues.

Sonya H.

I went to see Maritza for my post-natal recovery. She is very professional on this area while being very nice to her patient. I got a lot of related knowledge from her and my lifestyle changed based on her advise. Thanks!

Miki D.

I had been having ligaments injury for 4 months. I went to several clinics but there aren't any improvements. I had been frustrated because I got mixed opinions from doctors and I don't know which one is correct. There is no effective treatment to my injury, until I found Sports & Spinal. Meredith is very skilled and professional at treating my ligaments injury. She analysed my injury problems and give me the best treatment. She always welcomes patients to ask questions and explains in a very clear way. She always puts herself at patient's shoes. For example, she will give me a heads up about pain levels before she does acupuncture. This eases my nervousness. Beyond treatment sections, she encourages patient to do suitable exercises to accelerate the recovery process. Such caring physio, I don't know how many there are on this Earth! I am very happy to do sports again! Thanks to this place with a professional team!

Jack L.

Maritza Lue has been helping me with various injuries in more than 10 years. Most recently, I have a deteriorating problem with my neck/shoulder due to the poor posture and the lack of particular stretching after my bike training for triathlon. I have visited her for about 10 sessions and the recovery has been more than significant. There are 2 major aspects that I think Maritza stands out. (1) Her communication skill is exceptional. Maritza is always very candid in her assessment and make sure I have a full understanding of the situation. This aligns expectation of how the process should be and ensues my commitment in the rehab. This is also vital in injury prevention in the future. (2) Her treatment process is dynamic and "bespoke". She always "mix and match" various methods/focus dynamically in different stages of the treatment. Adjustments are being made diligently according to how my body responds. She always assesses carefully how the progress is before fine tuning for the next session. In short, she is far more than fixing an injury, she is enhancing my overall healthiness according to my lifestyle and the sports I would like to continue to engage.

Mr. A

I have been trying a lot of different ways to deal with my neck and back pain, but they are not as effective as a physio session with Christy. After multiple sessions, I have seen significant improvement on my posture. Apart from treatment in the center, Christy has offered a lot of tips on Pilates and stretching exercises which I can also perform at home.

Ripple T.

I recently received treatment for plantar fasciitis from Christy, a highly skilled physiotherapist in Prohealth. Christy's expertise and care exceeded my expectations, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. From the first session, Christy conducted a thorough assessment, listened attentively to my concerns, and provided clear explanations. She also designed a comprehensive plan tailored to my needs, incorporating manual therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises. Her techniques were effective in reducing my pain and improving my foot function. What impressed me most about Christy was her compassionate and supportive demeanor throughout. Furthermore, Christy provided valuable guidance for self-management, educating me on proper footwear, recommending exercises for home, and offering practical tips for prevention. Overall, I highly recommend Christy to anyone seeking expert treatment. Her professionalism, expertise, and genuine care make her an outstanding physiotherapist.

Lydia Y.

I am extremely grateful to Christy, the amazing physical therapist who has helped me recover after giving birth. I was dealing with various forms of pain, including back pain, waist pain, and hand pain. After each session, the pain significantly reduced, thanks to her skilled treatments. Christy also addressed other postpartum issues, such as repairing my rectus abdominis muscles. In addition to her professional abilities, Christy has shown a high level of care and concern. She genuinely cares about my physical well-being and frequently discusses treatment progress and goals with me. She provides me with personalized advice and guidance to help me achieve the best results during the treatment process. Her patience and professionalism are commendable. I highly recommend Christy for her exceptional care and expertise in postpartum recovery!

Ms. Zhu

After delivering my baby via c section, I was really worried about my abdominal muscle separation as my belly was still really big after 3 months and could feel that my core muscles were really weak.After searching online for alternative solutions other than surgery, I am so glad that I’ve met Maritza as she specializes in women’s health and have a lot of experience with postpartum recovery. She is very thoughtful and caring and understands what I need and have put together a recovery plan.My waist circumference have decreased by 4cm in 1 month. And the depth of my abdominal separation has decreased by half. The results are amazing and most importantly I have learnt a lot about my situation and what I could do to improve. In general I really enjoyed the process working with Maritza. Highly recommend!

Wingka L.

Meredith is a really skilled, professional, detail-oriented physiotherapist. I had shoulder clunking for several years, been consulting different doctors but no significant improvement despite multiple treatments. After visiting Meredith for 2 months, not only did she identify the root cause with effective treatment, she also suggested exercises at home to really consolidate the effect. I highly recommend Meredith and also introduced her to my friends and family!

Charlotte H.

I am so glad that Maritza helped me navigate through my pregnancy and postpartum pain the past year. I was first referred to her by my OBGYN to treat my pubic bone pain at my third trimester - with the ultrasound treatments and Pilates exercise, it alleviated the pain that kept me awake at night. She is very knowledgeable and is definitely an expert in this field. I highly recommend Maritza as a physiotherapist for any women’s health issues!

Monique S.

I consulted Maritza due to my back and knee pain caused by pregnancy at around Week 25+. She examined my situation and helped massage my pain areas. The situation esp. knee pain has been greatly improved after a few sessions. She has also been giving me professional prenatal advice all along as I attempted to do some prenatal pilates to help with my labour and further ease my pain. I would recommend her to anyone who has limited knowledge on what to do for prenatal exercise, esp first time mom like me.

Cynthia L.

Maritza is a highly trained and dedicated professional! She specialises in all areas of women’s health and thus fills a much needed gap in Hong Kong’s medical care system. I had a weak core and pelvic floor issues and Maritza was able to address these immediately. Her treatment protocol together with her caring and compassionate attitude have improved and strengthened my condition dramatically. I would recommend Maritza in a heartbeat to anybody needing help with health issues

Ms. Chris

I had a back injury a few months ago and went to see Maritza. She is thorough and very effective. In addition to realigning my back and pelvis, she also showed me simple exercises that I can do at home to help with the recovery. I always know I am in very safe hands with Maritza.

Barbara P.

I had knee pain and strained my calf 10 days before the 2023 Standard Chartered Marathon, which meant that I lost my chance to perform after 6 months of training for the event, and was so depressed and frustrated that I was tempted to just grit my teeth and stick with the race. Physiotherapist Christy weighed up the situation and decided that I should give up the race in order to prepare for more marathons in the future. With her patience and targeted exercises, I quickly returned to my normal training six months on I have run a total of 1020km without knee pain or muscle soreness.... I would like to thank her for my running posture analysis, she for me from different angles to shoot records, analyze, give the need to improve the problem of the accurate recommendations, and now run 190 kilometers a month no longer have pain trouble, thank you for your professionalism and enthusiasm. I have more confidence for the 2024 Standard Chartered Marathon!

Vincent X.

I had been struggling with chronic back pain after playing basketball for many many years, but thanks to Christy, I am now pain-free!! Christy went above and beyond by explaining my condition in detail and providing valuable insights into the specific muscles I needed to focus on. She introduced me to a variety of exercises aimed at strengthening those specific muscles. Her approach was not only focused on immediate relief but also on preventing future injuries. Throughout the process, she guided me towards a full recovery. In addition to resolving my back pain, Christy successfully treated my ankle sprain, finger dislocation, and shoulder pain. I wholeheartedly recommend Christy to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate physiotherapist. Her expertise is truly remarkable!

Brian C.

After delivering my baby via c-section my incision had a lot of difficulty healing well and I had abdominal split / diastasis recti. I previously went to other physios to help with recovery but wasn't making very much progress. Another physiotherapist recommended that I see Maritza Lue as she specializes in women's health and helpful with post partum recovery, in particular she would be especially helpful for managing the scar tissue/pain I was experiencing since she is well equipped with the right tools. Maritza takes time to understand the issues and problems I'm experiencing and explains to me why I am experiencing these issues and their connection. She takes a careful and considered approach towards putting together a recovery plan and is very helpful with explaining how the recovery plan works and the steps we are taking. Maritza has guided and helped me with re-building my abdominal strength and more importantly fixing my scar tissue. The pain I previously felt in the incision area has dramatically decreased and I have gradually got my strength back. I'm happy there is someone like Maritza who understands the post partum issues I'm experiencing and more importantly able to help me with these problems.

Camilla W.

Meredith was a fantastic physio and helped remedy my sciatica within a short space of time!

Anna S.

I had back pain that persistently bothered me after giving birth. I knew I needed professional help, and I'm so grateful that I came across Maritza's CV online which led me to her at Prohealth Sports & Spinal! Maritza is highly proficient and specialized in women's health, and is the expert and trusted advisor that will offer you tons of help for a wide spectrum of issues that one pregnant women may face in life. She not only relieved my back pain but also trained me with Pilates that would help rebuild my core muscles and ultimately cure the back pain. I had such a great experience with Maritza - only after 5 Pilates sessions, I lost 2cm in waist circumference and 0.6cm in depth of abs separation. I greatly recommend Maritza, and I would definitely go to her earlier next time when I plan to have the second baby!

Martina Y.

Wesley is professional and knowledgable, taking the time to understand, analyse and recommend best approach to recovery. Very friendly and personable. Makes treatment as easy as possible! He explains everything clearly and calmly, so any anxiety I felt quickly disappeared. Great experience! I can recommend Wesley and Prohealth Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy Centre with absolute confidence!


I sprained my ankle a month ago and Meredith is my physiotherapist. Meredith has been very helpful and professional throughout the sessions - she has helped me through acupuncture, ultrasound, etc.. Have recommended her to my colleagues!

Kelly L.

Christy is a wonderful physiotherapist. Recently, she cured my wrist pain through acupuncture and progressive exercise therapy in only a few sessions. She also taught me different exercises to do at home to strength it. She also solved my neck and shoulder problem before which showed no improvement by another physiotherapist in another physiotherapy centre. Christy is patient, cheerful, detail minded, professional and can communicate well with patients. I highly recommend her to anyone in need.

Micky L.

My physiotherapist Christy Lam was extremely professional and trustworthy and helped my understand the biomechanics of my neck pain problem. Especially the acupuncture I underwent and the stretching exercises she taught has helped me released tight muscles. Furthermore, all staffs are very friendly and welcoming! Thanks to Christy my quality of life has returned!

Lewis L.

I have suffered from lower back pain for years and one time I couldn’t bend my body which triggered me to seek for physiotherapy. Christy is my physiotherapist and she is really resourceful and supportive in curing my lower back pain. She spotted the root cause of my problem and gave me a few sets of exercise to strengthen my lower back. I am now more aware of my posture when I’m exercising. Christy is an attentive physiotherapist that guides me in my recovery journey. Highly recommend her if you are seeking a reliable physio practitioner.

Bonnie M.

Christy is a wonderful physiotherapist. I had intense neck and lower back pain. She taught me different exercises to do at home and was very patient with me. Consistency and patience is key and my sessions with her really helped a lot.

Davi Y.

Meredith has been my physiotherapist for the past couple months since I sustained a lower-back injury a few months back and she's been nothing short of a miracle worker. I thought my sharp back pain would never go away and would affect my ability to sit, stand, get around etc., but she showed her knowledge and skills in helping my back get better. She was able to explain every step and gave me better insight on how to recover and strengthen the muscle, as well as how to stay careful and avoid the injury in the future. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to book Meredith for a physiotherapy session!

Jason C.

Have had consistently great service from Angela Leung and the team at Sports And Spinal here in Hong Kong. I would recommend them for all your physio needs ??

Naeem A.

Best treatment in Hong Kong I have received so far. Helped relieve my neck and back pain!

Xiaolu W.

I was dealing with years of accumulated stress in my neck and back and hadn't been able to find a solution. Meredith came highly recommended from my coworkers and after just one session, I felt an immediate difference. As well as being extremely professional and knowledgeable, Meredith is kind, personable, and thoughtful - I was nervous about trying physiotherapy, and she assuaged my worries with her clear + scientific explanations of the treatment methods, and made me feel instantly comfortable. She also gave me several exercises to do on my own, and I have seen significant improvement since. If you are uncertain about trying physio for the first time, stick with Meredith, it will be worth it!

Emily Z.

I have had a lower back issue for quite some time and glad to have had come across Prohealth Sports And Spinal. Meredith has done 4 sessions with me so far. Her treatment and exercises are effective, which are also designed to help me strengthen my glutes and core. My pain is more and more manageable with notable results. Meredith's combined professional knowledge and pleasant personality make her a real asset of Prohealth! Fantastic experience overall.

Jan G.

Had Angela for my treatments. Very professional and effective

Cm Y.

Was introduced to Angela late last year and have been visiting regularly since. Always patient and effective in her treatments - I can definitely feel the difference before and after each session. Highly recommended!

Lincoln C.

Angela is amazing - she has magic in her hands!

Vanisha H.

Angela provides great help with my neck and shoulder problems, and you can tell the differences before and after the session straightaway. Highly recommended!

Ingrid Chung

I started my physio sessions with Angela Leung since July 2022 due to muscle issues after a breast cancer surgery. I found her via Instagram videos she posted regularly. Angela is very attentive to my concern which makes me feel relaxed and less worried. She is a very pleasant person with excellent professional skills. Doing the treatment once a week, I have very good improvement that I can enjoy normal activities with ease. I must say that I am so blessed to meet Angela last year.

Cindy Sin

I found my physiotherapist Angela on Instagram and contacted her to get consultation and treatment for my plantar fasciitis and TMJ. She is very experienced & professional and gives good advise on what to do and not. I like that every session there's a difference to fix my issues for that session versus a fixed template that some physio clinics adopt.

Regine Wong

Highly recommend Christy Lam! She has been extremely helpful in my postpartum recovery journey. I originally went to see her for my “mommy thumb”, she also helped me on some gentle abs + gluts recovery — making sure I was strong enough to resume my pre-pregnancy exercise routines. She also treated my mother for her “grandma thumb”. Christy is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, always a pleasure to chat with her during treatments!

Nancy Yannan Li

Was referred to PT Christy Lam for my chronic leg pain. She is friendly and professional and brings hope to my chronic pain. I had received PT services in different clinics, but the effect did not last long. Christy adopted a different approach that she carefully analysed what led to my pain rather than only relieved my pain symptoms. She corrected my postures and taught me exercises for proper usage of appropriate muscle groups. Drastic outcome is obtained and I highly recommend her service.

Nicholas Ng

Christy is the most fantastic physiotherapist I have ever met. She always uses her “magic hands” to heal my back pain. I’m here to recommend her to everyone without hesitation. Christy’s treatment means too much to me I dare to say I wouldn’t have played and worked hard without her treatment.

Redbean Lam

I have serious shoulder pain around 1 year. I met Christy and she found my problem. I really like her treatment. I learnt many movement for workout at home also. Next, I will fix my back pain after pregnancy. Thank you Christy!

Stella Kim

Meredith is an amazing physio and truly lives up to the great reviews you’ll find on here. Over the course of a few weeks, she supported my full recovery and return to sports, and has given great guidance on how to build strength to prevent future injuries. She is always patient and professional, and has taught me a lot about my own body/injuries. Also helps that she’s genuinely a really kind and interesting person to be around - she made lunch physio sessions something to look forward to! 🙂 The clinic is also really clean and nice. Very convenient if you work in the area.

Wenxi Pang

I have being seeing Leo for support with various sporting injuries for the past 5 years. Every session has had a tangible impact and sped my recovery considerably. Highly recommend the service.

Mark J.

After a chronic back/scapula issue for several years and seeing a number of practitioners, i contacted Prohealth Sports and Spinal at Jardine House and met Meredith. From day 1, she was personable, professional and possessed an excellent understanding of her practice. She took care and the time to understand the cause of pain and to identify strategies going forward. I found that her approach was also progressive and has changed as our sessions have gone on. Really impressed and I’ve already recommended her to many of my friends who need a physio. Thanks again - it made a real difference!

Philip Truman

This was my first time having a physio session and it was great!! The location is convenient in Central and the environment is great. Meredith is very professional and patient. She helped me with my shoulder and neck pain in a few sessions. My problem is resolved and I thank Meredith’s help so much!! I would definitely recommend Prohealth and Meredith to people in need.

Man Wa Fu

I had ruptured my right achilles and decided to choose Prohealth because it was in the same building as my workplace. Christy was my allocated physiotherapist and I must say the treatments I had was beyond what I normally get from past therapists. For example, Christy was always active and never made me felt rushed in my exercises. She gave me various techniques to strengthen my achilles, and since then I have swapped to her recommendations in the morning and before going to bed.  I believe Christy has all the qualities for this: making customers feel at ease; being patient, listening to your views, empathy and sometimes a good chit chat about anything really to beat the quietness. I will use her services again if the need arises.

Lee Y.

I came to see Meredith only a week before the half marathon and she helped improving my ITB issue with a few sessions. I managed to run pain-free during the race and achieved my goal. I’m very grateful for Meredith’s help!  Meredith is professional, friendly and patient. She is so knowledgeable in what she does and explains everything in detail about the treatment she is providing. She also provides good advices on exercises that helps improving my flexibility and strengthening my weak muscles. I couldn't recommend Meredith highly enough!

Clara Y.

Christy was an integral part of helping me return to competitive sports after suffering foot pain. As an athlete who trains 5 days a week, she was able to treat the pain as well as improve my ankle strength/stability through a combination of manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises. During the sessions, she patiently answered all my questions and afterwards, she would follow up with messages to remind me of my exercises. I would highly recommend Christy!

Tracy W.

Had a fantastic experience at Sports & Spinal. Meredith was always very professional and friendly. I had torn my calf playing rugby a few couple months ago and she took the time to explain how I had injured my calf, and how best to treat it. I attended multiple sessions where she used acupuncture, cupping and massage coupled with specific and guided rehabilitation exercises. I'm back to playing rugby now and feel as strong as ever. I would highly recommend seeing Meredith to anyone looking for a physio!

Ryan Willig

Meredith has been a wonderful physio in assisting with repairing a recent injury and explaining how it may have occurred and how to self administer in the event of future pain.


Suffered a moderate to severe ankle sprain and was assigned Meredith for physiotherapy services. Having attended over 20 sessions with her, I can undoubtedly say she is extremely professional and is not only knowledgeable but also has the skills to back it up. Would definitely recommend.


Hurt my back and knee several months ago. Meredith Cheng was my physio - she started on my chronic back and leg pain, and moving towards the knee. Great advise and support from her. Could walk better without a walking stick now. Looking forward to the next stage of therapy. Building and strengthening my core.


Impressed by the professional clinical service and techniques offered by the physiotherapists! My wrist pain get healed by just visiting the clinic four times!

Chloe CH

Meredith is such a godsend. She is professional and personable, and has helped me with my complex, chronic body pain. I strongly recommend booking with Meredith - you can thank me later! The clinic itself is neat and bright, and conveniently located for those who work in the Central area.

Jeany W

I visited the centre and Angela was my physiotherapist. She was patient and knowledgeable. My mid-back feels a lot more comfortable and less tight.

Jacky Hui Chung

Amazing physiotherapist, would definitely come back! Christy was very professional, patient and caring throughout the entire treatment. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured at all. She treated my ankle with acupuncture, manual therapy and specific rehab exercises. My ankle was recovered timely and I am back to football training and gym session now! All thanks to Christy.

Adrian Leung

Christy Lam is one of the best physiotherapist I have worked with. She has created a personalized plan to help rehabilitate my knee. She is very knowledable and is always willing to answer my questions. She is supportive and attentive. She is so friendly and makes this process so much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Christy and the clinic.

Jaymie S.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Maritza's professional treatment for my problem of urinary incontinence. After 8 weeks of physiotherapy provided by Maritza, my problem has improved a lot! Also, I'm happy to find that my waist measurement has reduced by 5 cm in one month. She used different methods, such as pelvic floor electric stimulation, Pilates, fat burning exercise and home exercises. The treatment is very effective!

Ms. Tang

Very good experience with Meredith! She treated my back and foot pain and I feel so much better now. Highly recommend!

Kam In C.

Tried out a few physiotherapy places in town but this clinic is best so far. Angela Leung is great and have helped sort out my ankle injury since day 1 from treatments to taping and advising on rehab exercises. Highly recommend Sports & Spinal!

Kiwan C.

Meredith is a very professional physiotherapist. She could provide sufficient needs that exactly match with what clients want. I had a bad injury on my knee and she helped me with different exercises and methodology to get things better. What a great physiotherapist I’ve ever seen!

Brian HW.

I highly recommend making an appointment with Arnold Tsang at this center. I was recommended to see him for my chronic tendonitis. I have been suffering for years but after just one month there has been a significant improvement. Arnold is very professional and he goes the extra mile for his clients even after hours.

Zachary L.

I have been going to Angela for all my physio needs and sports injuries. The difference I feel before and after the sessions are truly amazing. I highly recommend the practice, everything is well thought-out and organized, from making an appointment to follow-ups.

Susan H.

Peggy is a professional physiotherapist and all her recommendations are useful for relieving my back pain. Her treatment helped me to solve my spine problem effectively and efficiently. Thank you so much!


It was a wonderful experience with the Physiotherapist, Christy!I had injured my thumb and wrist during yoga and I contacted Christy through her Instagram. She was so professional and healed my thumb by doing acupuncture, massage and exercises. My thumb is doing so much better now and I am still doing the exercises that she patiently taught me! I can finally get back to yoga now!  

Gilly Tsang

Look for Peggy! Friendly and professional! Cured my upper back pain with ease.  

Andrew Tam

Peggy’s help and treatment has been so beneficial. She really listened to what was happening and her advice and work has really helped me. She is friendly, professional and attentive.  

Madeline Clark

I have been having pain in my shoulder blade area for years and have seen countless physios and chiros in Hong Kong but was never able to solve the issue. I was recommended to Angela by a friend and seeing her was the best decision I have made. She knew exactly what my issue was and carefully explained what I needed to do to fix it. Her treatment is always on point and doesn’t waste time on unnecessary things. I highly recommend Angela to anyone who is going through any sort of muscle/physical pain.  

Lucas Lu

Gary has been the best physio I have met so far - super patience and willing to go beyond and above all time. Superstar!

Tze Ting Lo

Peggy is really helpful with my neck pain!

Dan Fang

I really enjoyed the experience. Arnold was professional and explained things well and I trusted that he knew what he was doing. He really helped my wrist in a short time and started working on my back too. I would come back for any sports injury.

Inara Sharma

Peggy is attentive, empathetic and capable. I’ve now seen her multiple times now for different injuries - she’s been able to help me with all of those effectively and helped me to speed up my recovery. Thanks so much Peggy !

Athena Tam

Saw Peggie for a session to help with pain in the sole of my foot. She is caring and takes the time to explain things. She is clearly knowledgeable when it comes to the human physiology

S Yip

Peggy is very helpful and knowledgeable. A very positive experience, looking forward to the next visit. Thank you!

Ellie S

Thanks to Peggy, had a few sessions here after injuring my knee during workouts, and not only has the pain been gone now but I also got to learn some tricks and how to strengthen some key parts of my body that were weak 🙂 + nice and kind physiotherapist ? highly recommend~


This clinic is great! Been to Peggy throughout my pregnancy and now post-pregnancy and she has done miracles for my back! Strongly recommend her! And the girls in the reception are so nice and helpful as well! Great place!  

Anna T

Peggy Chien introduced me to use a massage ball to massage my upper back better.

Uranus Yan

Thanks Peggy, it really helps!

Fionne Chiu

A great first session with Peggy - very informative and helpful!

Laura Jarram

I saw Maritza for my tennis elbow pain. Not only did she fix my elbow with acupuncture, ultrasound, and manual technique; but she also made me realize that my hunched shoulder was contributing to my elbow pain. I can now go back to playing sports without pain.

Dicken Chiu

I visited Maritza Lue, having bad back pain, and she gave me a great and very effective Acupuncture treatment, and it helps me a lot, easing my tension in just a couple of visits. Thanks.

Lewis Lau

Maritza Lue is supporting me on my journey to healing from sciatica and hip pain with acupuncture, specific exercises, and stretches. Maritza is both intuitive and skilled. The studio is centrally located and easily accessible. Great experience.

Marianne Lagutaine

I am seeing Maritza Lue for lower back pain, she has been treating me with physio like massage, and heat as well as strengthening my core with the reformer. This has helped me immensely as I am pregnant as well so was in a lot of pain! Very happy to have found her to help me with my back  

Sarah Holder

Had several physio sessions with Maritza to improve my sciatica, which involved doing some core muscle exercises, massages and pilates. She was very professional and patient, my situation greatly improved.

Vivian and Johnny

I am seeing Maritza for my post-natal back pain, abdominal separation, and misaligned pelvis. My child is already 2 years old but Maritza can still fix me with acupuncture, manual therapy, and reformer Pilates. She is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy-related conditions. I wish I have come to her sooner!

RuiHua Luo

My physiotherapist is Maritza Lue. I got neck and back pain issues and Maritza has been treating me for more than 5 years. She is very precise with her treatment and would always use mild while very effective approach to treat my issues. She is now teaching me Pilates to strengthen my muscle and it really works. I am very confident to say I am in a very good hand.

Amy Cheung

Maritza Lue is my Physiotherapist Back pain issues Treatment Pilates Maritza is really making a difference in my life. I know what my issues are and my back pain is definitely reducing under her guidance. She gives me homework and checks I am doing it correctly. Thank you for your holistic approach and encouragement, Maritza.

Karen Ward

I had my physiotherapy with Maritza due to lower back pain. I had regular Pilates sessions with her and the results are amazing.

Stephanie Li

I got serious post-natal back pain and abdominal separation. Thanks to Maritza, my condition improved a lot and I am getting rid of my mommy tummy! Thank you so much!

Mandy Ng

My physiotherapist is Maritza Lue. I am suffering from postnatal low back pain and abdominal separation. I have received the treatment here to realign the pelvis, strengthen core muscles by doing pilates with a reformer here, and get advice from my physiotherapist on how to do the daily exercise at home. I am satisfied with the service here and see the improvement in my situation.

Ho Ho

I had Achilles injury from running. Was out for two months and still wasn’t able to run. Went to see James , and he set me up on a plan and gave me a routine to follow at home. I’m happy to say that after 6 weeks I am pain free and am back to running normally. Each week I felt an improvement . Physio sometimes is needed to get you back on track. I recommend James for sports related injuries! Thanks James  

Luke T

Very happy with this physiotherapy center for the treatment of my neck pain and the big improvements I've seen after a few sessions. I am seeing James there and he's a friendly, professional, and highly knowledgeable therapist who I would recommend to anyone. The deep tissue massage he has provided me in combination with advice for at-home exercises and posture improvements has been great. Thank you, James!

Ad and Jacq

Wonderful service, Leo got me back to full mobility. I recommend him to everyone I know!

Meizhen Xi

I’ve been going to Prohealth for almost two years now and my physiotherapist Leo has been a lifesaver. Highly recommend it for office slaves who sometimes just have to sit all day long. They can def help with your back and neck pain. And of course, if you injure yourself during sports, that too.

Yang Yang

Earlier in Jan, my husband was introduced to Christy Lam for his post surgery recovery on his knee, and I myself also went to see Christy for my post natal recovery in March. I think I can speak for both of us that our experience with Christy has been nothing short of positivity. Christy was very professional, caring, and patient, explaining the stages of our recovery, and why each exercise mattered. Every visit marked progress for us, and thanks to Christy, our recovery has been on track (if not exceeding expectations). My husband has slowly returned to regular exercise; I have rebuilt my core after childbirth, Christy has also taught me ways to stretch my muscle to avoid soreness. Highly recommended Christy!

Xueci Ding

Have been to Christy for physio around 10 times due to issues with my wrist (injury) and back (partly from WFH) - highly recommend it!!! Feeling a lot better and she's been very nice, giving good suggestions for stretching, exercises etc.

William Alsterklint

Christy is a very professional physiotherapist with great interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Christy to anyone who suffers lower back pain

Haotian Zhang

Christy is the most professional, helpful and understanding physiotherapist! I went to her throughout my running journey with multiple injuries and she was able to guide me into recovery with added tips on recovery exercises. Highly recommend!

Vanessa Wong

Christy helped me go through a painful sports injury with a speedy recovery. She is great!

Jacopo Pesavento

Dina is patient and willing to share her own experience. Thanks!

Gaga S

Dina is patience and professional, she helps to ease my back pain and I should take her advice to exercise more!

Linda Wong

Good advice for physio exercise and treatment. Dina is cheerful and professional.

Clara Lau

Modern physio centre facility with friendly and professional staff, particularly Peggy is nice, cheerful and resolved my spine pain ??, good job! Thank you    

Timothy Tang

Arnold is very professional and friendly. Already felt better on my first visit!

Ana Fan

Very professional and friendly manner. Helpful in targeting the problem areas while making you feel comfortable.

Alexa Vlaming

Great physiotherapy sessions with Mel. She’s been very helpful in treating my knee. I can finally go back doing sports. Super recommended!

Martin Biffi

解說詳細, 同埋即時見效,good

CC Chan

Friendly staff. convenient location. James is very passionate about his work and really helps relieve pain in my lower back

Amy Chan

I have been seeing Maritza for back pain for a couple of months now. Not that she has healed it but she also corrected my imbalanced pelvis and shoulders on a regular basis. She is a godsend!

Yuka and Ansel

I started seeing Maritza for pregnancy-related back pain. My back pain started very early on in my pregnancy, I was just 17 weeks along. I began doing Pilates exercises with Maritza 2 to 3 times a week to help strengthen my back and core. She also taught me exercises to do at home to help improve my condition. Our goal was to also prevent further abdominal separation (Diastasis recti). Within 3 weeks I had very little to no back pain! Maritza is an expert in women’s health and prenatal/postnatal related treatments. Highly recommend!

Nicole Allyse Stroud

Maritza has helped me a lot in improving my condition on abdominal separation via personalized pilates. I’m very satisfied with her professional service.

Cassie Heung

My physiotherapy sessions with Leo Choi were very helpful for my neck problem and I really appreciate his professional service and very polite and attentive way of treating his patients. Thank you very much.


This is my fifth time I sprained my ankle. I have been to different physio centres before, but Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Centre must be the best among all centres. I just wanted to express my profound gratitude to Gary for taking such good care of me during my recovery. Your patience and understanding during the rehabilitation process made it so much more bearable. Gary applied a combination of sophisticated massage, ultrasound therapy and training in the gym. Once again, thank you for being such a kindhearted care provider and for making my treatment as bearable as possible.

Jerry Leung

I started visiting Gary Ng last Dec when I had pain in my left hip even when walking not to mention some weaknesses on my knees so that I can’t really walk downstairs and down the slope. Gary first asked my objectives in 3 months’ time. I said if I had no pain walking and if I can walk downstairs it would be great. Now after 3-4months, not only are my objectives basically achieved, I can even start jogging once a week. I thought I couldn’t run anymore. A big thank to Gary and his persistent teaching which I faithfully follow.

Celina Chan

Gary has been very helpful throughout my pregnancy in relieving back pain and designing exercises that suit my situation. Thank you!

Pang Sharon

The therapist (Gary Ng) is very professional. He is passionate at his work and with adequate professional knowledge and skills to relieve my back pain. I highly recommend Gary to people who are seeking for physio help.

Daniel Lam

I have been suffering knee pain for more than one year. After consulting Gary Ng, I found great improvement in pain. He listened patiently to my case, identified the root causes of my pain, arranged exercises to strengthen leg muscles. He is a nice guy and willing to help. Thanks!

Carrie Ip

I visited Gary for my stiff shoulder and neck from bad posture during breastfeeding. He identified the root right away and my neck is moves much better after 1 session. The follow up sessions helped relieving my long discomfort from my bad posture in the office too.

Plum Pong

Sports & Spinal is a great choice for quality physiotherapy in Hong Kong. I visited this centre over several weeks for neck and shoulder stiffness and leg pain. Physiotherapist Gary was thorough in his assessment and treatment of the issues. He also gave personalized exercises that were helpful to do at home. The centre is very centrally located, and very nice and clean. Strongly recommend!

Alison Lake

I have started visiting Sports & Spinal for a few weeks now due to an injury on my right shoulder blade, and after a few weeks I can feel that my injury and posture are both improving compared to my first visit. Physiotherapist Gary was very friendly and helpful in his treatments and also when he teaches posture correction exercises. Will continue my physio journey here and see how it goes!

Louie Ee Chen Lam

Franklin’s awesome. The treatments are helpful in improving my condition. Plus he provides loads of exercise for rehab to be done at home. Definitely a great therapist.

Paul Pan

Overall a great clinic. Highly recommend Angela! Great physio and knows exactly how to sort out aches and pains!

KaYin Au-Yeung

Amazing clinic, very clean and the staff are super friendly. Highly recommend the Physio name Angela! She is really professional and knowledgeable. She knew exactly what is wrong and how to fix my back pains that has been bothering me for over 10 years!

Vic Chan

Tried out a few physio but this clinic is best so far. Angela is great and have helped sort out my ankle injury. highly recommend it!

Kiwan Chung

Great experience. Thank you Angela for saving me from my neck pain!

Jasmine Leung

Angela is very patient and thorough, and she has so much positive energy! I have bad neck and shoulder pain, can feel the difference after a few sessions.

Pansy Ho

I have had treatment with Angela and always with excellent results. Absolutely fabulous treatment. Highly recommended!

Wai Ying Wong

I’ve had such a great experience here. Angela Leung (my therapist) has been very professional and knowledgeable in the body, tendons and muscles. She has been the only physiotherapist that was able to give me a timeline to my recovery and achieve what she said she can do for me, this can only happen through her knowledge and experience. On top of her ability, she is also friendly and approachable which helps make my sessions much more pleasurable.

Rachel Ngan

Very happy with Angela‘s treatment. Went to see Angela for a knee and heel issue. She was professional in recommending just a series of exercise for my knee while she treated my heel. The exercise totally resolved my knee issue and she did treat / resolve my heel issue too.

Me T

Angela is incredible! Super knowledgable, and gives very effective treatment/advice. My back felt better after just one physio session with her!

Leah Birkby

Highly recommend Angela. Always resolves the issue. Great clinic!


Angela is absolutely amazing. Not only does she help instantly relieve my pain, but she also sends tips and videos of the exercises that I should be doing at home! Super considerate and awesome❤️

Nikki Ku

I started seeing Angela about lower back, neck and shoulder pain off the back of a recommendation from a friend. Angela got straight to the root of the problem and was great at educating me on why I was feeling pain and how we can correct it through physio and exercise. Angela is professional and shows a huge amount of care for her clients – I always look forward to my sessions with her and seeing improvements in my posture and mobility. I highly recommend her services!

Kirsten Hill

I originally went to see Angela after suffering a new sporting injury. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and subsequently now go to see her in regards to older, reoccurring sports injuries as well as new. Would highly recommend

Sion Bennett

Angela was awesome. She was very friendly and professional and knew what she was doing. She was able to explain clearly why and what was going on, so that we could deal with the root and not just the symptoms. I had trouble with pain with my shoulder whenever I raised my arms, and after my third session it was pain free. After that, we just worked on strengthening. I’m so glad to have met her, and I’m just sharing this blessing, instead of keeping this secret to myself.

Ken Chien

Thank you so much for fixing my handwrist Angela! After injuring myself playing squash and carrying my baby everyday, I started having my treatment with Angela. I recommend her 100 %! She is professional and has so much knowledge in what she does. On top of that she’s been wonderful whenever I brought my baby in and definitely breastfeeding friendly ?

Lina Luna

Excellent practice with professional and friendly staff. Angela is in particular an outstanding physiotherapist.

Sung Kang

Angela has been very helpful in working on my scoliosis as well as other issues like neck pain and related headaches, through both the sessions and by providing exercises to do at home to prevent future pain and strengthen the muscles.

Wee Lee Tan

Couldn’t recommend Sports & Spinal enough! Angela has helped me through a knee injury, neck and shoulder issues (due to months of work from home) and a host of other aches and pains. I especially recommend her for neck and shoulder issues as she was able to relieve pain and pressure in a single session, and the steady improvement on my posture was incredible. She also adjusted at-home exercises to make them easier for my busy life (and therefore, very doable!) so I really felt the benefits of her investment in my treatments. Also, she’s great to chat to, so her sessions are always somehow very fun!

Zahra Jamshed

Would highly recommend Sports & Spinal, and especially my physiotherapist Angela. I went to see Angela for neck and back issues, and saw a significant improvement after just one session. Angela takes the time to talk you through the treatment, and is clearly very experienced in deep tissue treatment.

Nicholas Michael

I see Angela for shoulder and spine issues. Angela is a good listener, and she finds the root cause and treats a problem for the long term. I’m very impressed with her diagnosis each time as her treatment is effective for the long term. She is skilled in different treatments, including acupuncture. Her deep manual therapy skills are very good and provide immediate relief as well. Also like her treatment advice on home exercises and lifestyle changes, as her advice is practical and she keeps home exercise routines manageable. I can’t recommend her enough.

Cher Eng Low

Angela is one of the best physiotherapist in town! She is excellent in treating all the issues I had. There is a drastic differences after a few visits. Her treatments and the exercises she recommended are very effective. She is very patient with me so I highly recommend her!

Catherine Cheng

Been dealing with nerve and arm/shoulder pain. Have been having Physio sessions with Angela on a regular basis and her expertise has been extremely helpful. She clearly is an expert in her field and I would highly recommend treatment with Angela – 10/10.

Ryan Voon

Very professional and friendly. Highly recommended! ?

Anne Hanie

Staff are really helpful!

Stella Chiu

I have been delighted with the results of physio, after having a painful shoulder for years it is finally pain free! Maritza Lue has worked wonders on my frozen shoulder. She manipulated it, used ultrasound, heat treatment and acupuncture (with electric). She also gave me home exercises to complete the process. I am so happy she was recommended to me, that I now want to recommend her to YOU!

Lorna Mcclure

Maritza Lue is very professional. She has helped me to release my back pain by doing Pilates and acupuncture. I can see the significant improvement.

Iris Tam

Maritza is very experienced and professional. She has helped me to release my left ankle pain caused by a serious sprain and fracture during a soccer game. Together with the assistance of the well equipped facilities, I have been recovering in a speedy pace.

W Ron

I am seeing Maritza for my low back pain. Treatment included deep friction massage, ultrasound, and pelvis realignment. Now she is teaching me Reformer Pilates. She is very good and nice and professional!

Yvonne Chan Chen

I have been seeing Maritza for physio and pilates. She has been amazingly caring, informative and clear in her approach to what plan is the most suitable for the condition. So, it is the very early stage of treatment so I look forward to continuing this review with an update of how the treatment helped and hopefully solved the reason for first going to Sports and Spinal. I highly recommend Martiza!!

Carlene Hamley

I’ve seen Maritza for Pre and Post-Natal back pain. She has done spinal realignment, pelvic realignment and Pilates. She has been very thorough and thoughtful with her care. I have been extremely satisfied with her treatment and would strongly recommend her to anyone dealing with musculoskeletal pain.

Susan Moriarty

I am coming to pro health and I’m seeing Maritza for my scoliosis. She is treating me with reformer Pilates and acupuncture. I’m feeling much better after my sessions.

Calista Rosboch

After a long history of twisting my ankle and falling over, I went in with both old and new injury pains in my ankles, wrist and lower back. Maritza is not only address the current issues, she is also able to pinpoint some root causes to prevent future injuries. She employs modern techniques as well as acupuncture with a ‘Midas touch” – hitting pain points right on target. She has also given me a stretching and rehab plan to work on things at home. Her professionalism, sincere care and personable character make an amazing combination!

Cora Ha

I received physio treatment from Maritza Lue for a persistent over-active bladder. She helped me to understand my diet (the “trigger” foods) and treat it from a myriad of different angles, and whilst it is hasn’t been an “overnight” fix she has helped me feel confident, and in control of my body again. For this I am indebted to her and grateful beyond words.

Hannah Keegan

I’ve been seeing Maritza for Pre Natal Pilates since i was 4 months pregnant. My abdominal separation was moderate (about 2 fingers), but it hasn’t got worse since then and the shape of my bump looks tighter. I’ll keep coming until I deliver, as well as Post Natal Pilates.

Alissa Yu

Went to Maritza Lue to address years-long chronic knee pain that’s been exacerbated by multiple sports including Olympic weightlifting and climbing. She treated it with ultrasound, heat therapy and acupuncture and has drastically reduced that pain. I have since been able to lift without pain, regained single leg pistol squats and improved recovery in between workouts. Very satisfied!

Kalayan Magno

I went to see Maritza Lue 4 months after I gave birth to treat my abdominal separation. Maritza was very professional and used ultrasound to assess the depth and severity of the separation. I train with her in the Pilates gym 1-2 times a week to strengthen my core. She also gave me some home exercise to do and adjusted the exercises for my ability. After two weeks I begin to feel my core is getting stronger and I am confident that Maritza can help me to heal my condition.

Ann Wee

My physio, Maritza was really empathetic and has been helping me with my scoliosis and the subsequent back and shoulder aches. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve been really impressed by her knowledge around this condition and her ability to give more specialize care.


Maritza has helped me a lot with my abdominal separation. Once I started using the reformer for Pilates exercise, there was obvious improvement in the second week. My condition was severely separated, but now it has greatly improved to only mild separation. Thank you for all the professional suggestions. I am very satisfied with the result.

Alice Ma

I am seeing Maritza for abdominal separation during pregnancy. I am doing prenatal Pilates with a reformer. I am extremely satisfied!

Katrina Lee

I’ve been seen Maritza for right hip pain and abdominal separation during pregnancy. Maritza had given me treatments and home exercises and I had significant improvement only after two sessions. I’m very satisfied with the treatments she offered and she’s very caring for my needs.

Agnes Chen

I’ve been with Maritza Lue for lower back pain and abdominal separation during pregnancy. At my first appointment, Maritza took the time to diagnose my symptoms and explain in detail all the changes that were taking place in my body. The pre-natal pilates sessions were great but most importantly she really got to know my lifestyle out of the sessions and gave me things to work on at home when I wasn’t able to make a session. I’m leaving Hong Kong and really hope to find someone like her in the UK to help me get through the rest of my pregnancy!

Lisa Auld

I’ve been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for almost 4 months now. With the help of my physiotherapist Maritza, I’m feeling much better. She uses deep friction massage, ultrasound, acupuncture with electricity, and exercise to treat me. Now I can walk fast and run a bit without pain. I’m very satisfied!

Amy Realin

I was 6 months pregnant when I went to see Maritza, who specializes in women’s health including pre and post-natal issues. I was experiencing pelvic pain at the time. Maritza promptly diagnosed the problem and started me on pre-natal pilates a few times a week. Now just after 2.5 weeks, not only is my pain mostly gone, but I also feel lighter and more mobile, and my belly size (from abdominal separation) is under control. I wish I had addressed the issue and come to see her earlier. Thank you Maritza!

Happy Mum

Peggy is a good physiotherapist She is caring and very attentive to patients needs

Candice Cheung

A great first session with Peggy - very informative and helpful!

Laura Jarram

Peggy is my physiotherapist and she’s been awesome in helping relief pain and discomfort in my shoulders. Highly recommended!

Brigitte Ong

Peggy is great and helpful. Love this place.

Pepper Tam

I think Peggy has been great! She has been explaining my situation to me in details! Super star!!

Pasca Ho

My knee pain has been noticeably better after every session with Peggy. She’s always able to find the most painful spots and help me address them. She’s friendly and easy to talk to as well which is always great to have in a therapist!

May Lee

Peggy is quite kind, really helpful for my knee pain.

Vicky Zhao

Peggy has been great at helping me with my neck and jaw pain, mixing both acupuncture and other physio treatments. Coming twice a week and I love it! No more migraines ??

Oline Abildstrøm

Visited the center 2 times. Physiotherapist Peggy is experienced in giving treatment and providing practical advice to improve the cervical condition.


Peggy helped me a lot with my muscle pain, thanks a lot.

Moosernine 9

Thanks to Peggy, had a few sessions here after injuring my knee during workouts, and not only has the pain been gone now but I also got to learn some tricks and how to strengthen some key part of my body that were weak ? + nice and kind physiotherapist ? highly recommend~

Morane Bahri

Peggy is good, nice, and can help to relieve my pain. Her suggestions was really helpful.

Celia Cheong

Peggy has been very helpful with my shoulder, neck, and back pain. Also the clinic has been very accommodating to my schedule. Thank you!

Kate C

Peggy is a great physio, she is friendly and helps me get rid of my neck pain and arm numbness. I strongly recommend her to other clients too.

Alice Chu

I have been seeing Peggy for my neck, shoulder, back pain, and she has been very helpful and eased my problem a lot. Highly recommend!

Anthony Kam

Mel has been so helpful with some ongoing hip pain that I’ve been having. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Sam Miler

Having never done physio before and this being my first physio centre, it was a great experience. Super friendly staff, good environment and convenient location. Melanie was my physio, she’s friendly, helpful and patient. Highly recommend this place!


PT Leo is super professional in being able to diagnose my neck pain problems so accurately and I felt so much better right after his treatments!! And the receptionists are so polite and friendly!! Highly recommended!!

Catherine Sin Yee Wong

I went there and meet Julian! He understands my issue and fixed it quickly! Very friendly and lovely. Thanks!

Timotius Kristianto

Great and professional place. James is an excellent physio who I’d recommend to anyone!

Ryan Kiely

My heartfelt thanks to James Wood, a young, passionate and caring physiotherapist who has been kind and patience, providing me very professional manual therapy for my long irritated neck degeneration problem. I feel much better since the first 3 sessions! He greatly motivated me to build up a self management style of life in long run. I surely will! Much appreciation for your great efforts, James! Mabel

Mabel Chan

I want to give 10 stars to my therapist James Wood. I had a serious muscle tightness on my back but it’s all good after 2 months.

Clemens YoungJoo Ku

I highly recommend sports & spinal physiotherapy , they have professional physiotherapist and the place is very centrally located. My physiotherapist Mr. James Wood is a cheerful , friendly guy with full of passion on his job. He always shows his expertise and professionalism by thorough explains to me patiently about my injury condition and given practical exercise advise which I can practise at home. It is very helpful. Thank you.

Joanne Mak

Finally found someone to fix my back! James has done an amazing job to address a decades old recurring back injury. I would highly recommend.

Nicho K

Came with severe lower back pain. James took his time, listened to my symptoms, showed me the right exercises and revisited all steps with me one by one, taking into consideration the practical aspects of being able to do exercises at home. Finally, I’m leaving without pain and with a firm set of exercises to avoid back pain in future. Thanks James.

Marko Jeličić

Been here to help with the recovery of my hamstring. Shout out to James Wood for his patience and help to better strengthen the injured part and help my physical movement get better.

Ian Tan

I’ve seen Gary for my shoulder and neck injury. I’ve never felt better

Zachary Baker

Gary Ng is an excellent physiotherapist. He effectively treated my twisted wrist and sole pains. He taught me the needed exercises to improve my ankle, leg and buttock muscles. He also taught me to improve my walking posture. In addition, he advised me to use better keyboard to reduce strain on my wrist.

Vincent Ng

I had ligament tear on my ankle and I can’t walk and feel lots of pain. It was swollen and blue-black and it never seems to get better even after two weeks. So I decided to try this place recommended by my colleagues and glad I did. My physiotherapist, Gary, used an ultrasound machine to help with the inflammation, and right after the first session, I can see my blue-black became 50% lighter and my ankle is less swollen. Gary also told me that I should have gone to physio right after I had injured my ankle, the recovery would have been a lot faster. He also taught me exercises to help to improve my ankle condition. My ankle had become so much better after seeing him. Highly recommend this place.

Effie Toh

I am Angus and I would like to share my feedback with Dr. Gary K.W. Ng as passion and Professional fixed my body problem. as my body cannot move for over a few days and Dr. Ng after carefully checked it and advised physical body movements. I’m very happy to fix my body now. Thanks so much for your contribution.

Angus Un

Physiotherapist Gary has done a great job in healing my neck and back pain. My neck and back pain were in terrible pain last two weeks as a result of prolonged bad posture at work. Gary patiently gave me a series of treatments. He also pointed out the causes of the pain and gave me some good suggestions to correct my posture. I feel much better after the treatments. Highly recommend visiting Gary if anyone needs a physio treatment!

Joyce Chan

I was being treated by Gary for a finger injury which I sustained for months, while it wasn’t worsening it wasn’t getting better neither. Gary had a very thorough check in the condition and explained to me very clearly what was causing the problem. After my first treatment session I was already feeling a difference (something I didn’t expect, given my previous experience with physios), and after a handful of sessions (along with doing the exercises Gary showed me) I’m glad to say the problem is basically fixed. I think what makes Spinal and Physio different is they look my injury on a ‘tailored’ basis instead of applying some one-size-fits-all / blanket solutions (ultrasound and electro-therapy for everything…?) that is common in some other physio clinics, and thanks to that I have had a speedy recovery. Thanks you!

Vincent Yeung

Long-term neck and back pain. Tried many different therapies, from TCM, acupuncture, chiropractor, massage, but none worked. Gary‘s approach is very different from what I have experienced. He has his methodology and a systematic approach. He does not pop or crack bones but dig into muscles, clear knots, and facilities joints mobility. He also suggests easy movement for posture awareness and improvement. After three sessions, I feel satisfactory progress around my neck area. I will continue for a few more sessions. Recommend to try.


Gary really helped me understand how the right exercises can help reinforce muscle groups in the lower back and shoulder, providing more stability and control. I highly recommend him.

César Audiffren

Have sought help from Gary on my shoulder issues. Gary is very helpful and nice, with good improvement on my shoulder condition.

Ivan Lee

Sprained my shoulder at gym and was recommended to Franklin. Franklin was thorough with his assessment, explained the results in a clear and easy to understand manner and taught me exercises to strengthen my shoulder. Overall, I feel Franklin is personable and knowledgeable.

Ted Khoo

I had great first impression and experience. The therapist name is Franklin, he’s very knowledgeable. I have a medical degree background and trust me he knows his stuff. Most importantly Franklin care about me as a client. I will refer my friends and family members to him.

Otto Kharisma Danoko

Thanks Franklin for helping with my shoulder soreness

Raymond Li

Franklin Lam has provided treatment for neck and shoulder and was very professional and attentive and fully resolved the issue. Definitely highly recommended.

Johnny C.

I was suffering from severe discomfort in my left shoulder (too much golf!) and saw Doug Tahirali at the Jardine House location. Fantastic session – I left feeling a lot better, armed with knowing what was wrong (rotator cuff tendinitis) and more importantly, how to fix it! Wish I’d shown up sooner! Thanks Doug.

Chris Hoare

I was suffering from severe discomfort in my left shoulder (too much golf!) and saw Doug Tahirali at the Jardine House location. Fantastic session – I left feeling a lot better, armed with knowing what was wrong (rotator cuff tendinitis) and more importantly, how to fix it! Wish I’d shown up sooner! Thanks Doug.

Anurag Mathur

Sports and Spinal in Jardine House is not only conveniently located, but has one of Hong Kong’s best physiotherapists on its team: Chris Sherer. He helped me tremendously before and after my shoulder surgery. My left shoulder is as good as new. Thanks to his treatment and simple-to-follow exercises at home. Also, he’s a great guy to exchange notes regarding parenting of little girls ?

Sebastian Hartmut Schenk

Chris Sherer is exceptional!! Extremely knowledgeable and supportive in getting back to full fitness post knee op. Can not speak highly enough of Chris and would strongly recommend him to everyone’s.

Dickie Wada-Thomas

Thank you for the care and support Dina has given me through the most difficult time of my life. She is a part of my healing journey. I have regained my physical mobility and strength which I am so thankful to have back.

Juliana T.

I just wanted to thank Dina again. Though I still have some pain it’s far less than before and my mobility is almost back to normal. Most importantly, I think Dina has managed to diagnose the underlying problem and I now believe that the pain can be eradicated altogether over time, which is a really great feeling as I’ve suffered on and off with this knee trouble for so long now.


I am a poledancer and I often experience injuries which can prevent me from dancing for a long time. Dina is my go-to physiotherapist whenever I have any injury. She can give me an accurate diagnosis immediately and very helpful advice on how to rehabilitate my injury. The exercises she introduces to me are always effective. With her help, I don’t need to waste time on therapy sessions which don’t address my problems. Dina is also extremely professional and is good at keeping track of my recovery progress. I have recommended her to so many of my poledancer friends already!

Irina Chan

Dina is a patient and caring therapist. 5-star treatment received!!

Helena Wong

Came to see Dina, she is friendly and professional. She cured my long term back pain for a year, magic hands, highly recommended????

Hippo Ho

Dina has been helping with my back problem since I’ve given birth to my second child, she’s been a fantastic physiotherapist!

Ronnie Yik Yi So

I somehow pulled a neck muscle and was having difficulty doing simple movements. Luckily, I was referred to Christy Lam, who has drastically improved my condition. Great service, friendly staff and amazing outcome. I highly recommend this practice!

Winnie Chan

An ankle injury last year coupled with my flatfoot issue have seriously affected the way I play basketball. My physiotherapist, Christy Lam, is the turning point. Not only did she design personal course of treatment for my limb, but she also came up with innovative solutions to fix my flatfoot, which, according to some Chinese bone-setting practitioners, is cureless. I am most grateful for her professional advice.

Sunny Wong