Meredith Cheng

Meredith Cheng

  • MSc Manipulative Physiotherapy (HKPU)
  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy (UK)
  • Diploma on Modern Acupuncture, Accredited Acupuncture Practitioner (HKPA)
  • Registered Physiotherapist (HK, UK)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Spinal pain (neck and back)
  • Work-related overuse, injury and rehabilitation
  • Sports injury and rehabilitation (e.g. ACL rehab, meniscus injury, muscular/ligamentous strain)
  • Manual therapy
  • Modern acupuncture and dry needling
  • Women’s health physiotherapy (e.g. Pre-natal and post-natal care, lactation)
  • Pelvic girdle pain and rehabilitation

Tell us about your background in physiotherapy

I completed my training as a physiotherapist at the University of Brighton in the UK. I then specialised in musculoskeletal medicine by studying for my master's degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It propelled my journey to becoming a therapist with specialist expertise through in-depth exploration of clinical reasoning, application of evidence-based knowledge and manual skills. Meanwhile, I developed my skillset in both public hospitals and private clinics, which has provided me extensive clinical experience in treating a broad spectrum of, sometimes complex, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions.

During my years in public hospitals, I started treating spinal conditions very early on while gaining exposure to various specialties. I felt that musculoskeletal conditions can be persistent and often complicated, and that sound clinical reasoning and a good pair of hands are crucial in tackling these complex scenarios. There was also a period of time when I specialised in treating patients with upper limb conditions and I saw a large number of patients coming with repetitive strains, work-related pain, fractures and injuries in shoulder, elbow and hand. I moved on to working alongside orthopaedic surgeons when I left Hospital Authority, and I treated many acute pain and sports/occupational injuries managed conservatively or surgically.

As someone who suffers from endometriosis, I also have a special interest in women’s health related pelvic girdle pain and this is an area I would look forward to dive into deeper in my career.

What are your interests?

I go to the gym regularly, alongside the occasional running, hiking, bouldering, wakesurf etc. to spice up my routine! I enjoy experimenting with a new sport from time to time not just to make workout fun for myself, but it also gives me a first-person perspective when I’m treating my patients.

Meanwhile, I am a foodie who loves exploring new restaurants and cafes with my friends. I love seafood, desserts, spicy food, Japanese food, yum cha, hot pot- basically every type of food! Part of the reason why I work out too – so that I can eat more good food!

Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on!

Living and studying in England for 5 years was definitely a turning point in my life. I just turned 16 at that point and that was my first long-haul flight out of the country. I went there on my own without any friends and relatives to receive me and honestly, I don’t think I can do it all over again now! I still recall getting lost in the city of Brighton the first day when I hadn’t a functioning mobile network.

Looking back, I think this period of time shaped me into a more independent and self-reliant person as there was no one to go to at first whenever there was a happening and you had to resort to yourself to solve the problems. I also learned a great deal about what it’s like to work as a physiotherapist while I lived with my host family as one of the family members was a physio herself. This later led to me choosing physiotherapy as my pursued profession, and consequently where I am now. Although throughout the years a lot of family time was sacrificed, I am still grateful to have had this opportunity and it has definitely changed my life forever.

What types of injuries or areas do you specialise in?

I treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including acute to chronic neck/back pain, occupation-related conditions, sports injuries and so on. 

In my practice, I adopt an integrated approach of manual therapy, body biomechanics assessment and targeted exercise therapy to help my clients obtain optimal musculoskeletal health, sports performance and simply feel better and achieve their goals. I have been practising modern acupuncture throughout my career as well and find it very helpful in facilitating recovery. 

What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

I derive a lot of satisfaction from providing good care to my clients and seeing them through to meet their goals, whether it is to minimize pain, return to function and just to live a life feeling free of their physical burden. The best part of it is that I also get to learn from and build relationships with my clients through their recovery journey.

Meredith is based at our Jardine House centre (715 Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central). To book an appointment with her, please book online or call 2715 4577.

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What Our Clients Say

Meredith is a very professional physiotherapist. She could provide sufficient needs that exactly match with what clients want. I had a bad injury on my knee and she helped me with different exercises and methodology to get things better. What a great physiotherapist I’ve ever seen!

Brian HW.

Very good experience with Meredith! She treated my back and foot pain and I feel so much better now. Highly recommend!

Kam In C.

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