Pacy’s Story On Pregnancy Pilates Which Helped Improve Her Core Strength, Flexibility And Balance

Pacy’s Story On Pregnancy Pilates Which Helped Improve Her Core Strength, Flexibility And Balance


Tell us a bit more about yourself and your pregnancy journey

I am a Hong-Konger. When I was an adolescent, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, which caused me right hip pain and gave me a limp when I walked. I consulted at least 8 physiotherapists for my painful hip, however they only gave me temporary pain relief. My condition got worse after giving birth to my first baby in 2016. Not only did my hip muscles spasm, but I also experienced knee pain and leg muscle tightness. I couldn’t even walk for a month because of my weak leg muscles. After a while, I managed to slowly recover while getting frequent Chinese style massages, but my leg and hip muscles became weaker and weaker over time due to my limited choice of exercises.

When I got pregnant again this year, I realised I needed to actively strengthen my leg muscles to support my worn out hip joint, as my increasing body weight would put further pressure over my hips and lower back. I knew that if I didn’t, it would be the same nightmare all over again!

I tried practicing yoga during my first pregnancy, but it really hurt my hip. I was told by my yoga instructor that Pilates was more suitable for me, so I decided to search for a professional and private one-to-one Pilates Instructor for my complicated case. I knew that it would be safer for both my baby and my unstable hip joint.

How do you find Maritza and your pre-natal physiotherapy treatment?

I searched the web for “Hong Kong Pregnancy Pilates Physiotherapist”, and I found that Prohealth Sports and Spinal was highly rated by hundreds of people online.

I was so lucky to find Maritza in my early pregnancy. Besides her being an expert in Pregnancy Pilates, she is professional, knowledgeable and a reliable physiotherapist. Maritza provided me with tailor-made effective Pilates reformer training, home exercises education, proper stretching education, and tips and reminders for protecting my hip joint. Those practices narrowed my abdominal separation by 4cm in one month! I was excited that I could strengthen my core without wearing down my hip joint. My stronger core muscle supported my growing baby and alleviated my lower back and hip joint pressure. Maritza is also very caring for the well-being of mothers during their pregnancy journeys. I felt safe, more confident, and stronger under Maritza’s care and guidance.

Later on, I talked with my private obstetrician about Maritza and Pilates. The interesting thing was that my obstetrician is also one of Maritza’s clients! Maritza also has considerable expertise in women’s health.

What do you think about our new clinic & facilities?

The new clinic is cosy and clean. It is highly private because it is separated from other clients and is designed specifically for female clients. It is well equipped with a new Pilates reformer machine and facilities.

How would you rate your experience at Prohealth?

I would it rate 5 stars. Maritza is the best physiotherapist I have met so far. She provided me with a thorough treatment plan. I can’t believe that I could stay active during my pregnancy, even with hip instability. She helped me strengthen my core, improve flexibility and balance, thus preventing hip and back pain in my pregnancy and delaying my need for hip surgery. I appreciate Maritza very much!

Moreover, it is easy and convenient to contact the Prohealth team online, on Whatsapp or by phone to make or change appointments. Prohealth’s location is excellent too because it is only a 5 minutes’ walk from Central station.

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