Suffering from “Laptop Neck Pain”?

Suffering from "Laptop Neck Pain"?

Here's why and what you can do about it

Due to Covid, a lot of people are working from home.
That means that there's no proper working station and that you can work on your laptop anywhere, such as on the sofa, on the bed and even on the floor.

Why are you suffering from “Laptop Neck Pain"?
Poor posture is the main cause of the pain.
When you place your laptop on a low surface, you have to look down to read the monitor.
Looking down 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week will cause neck pain, shoulder pain and even headache.

What can you do about it?

First: set up a proper working station at home
Second: stretch your shoulder, neck and upper torso
Third: strengthen your upper back

1. How to set up a proper working station?

  • Place your laptop on a desk/dining table
  • Raise your laptop high enough so that when you look straight at your laptop, you can read the first 2 lines
  • You can use boxes or books to raise your laptop
  • Use an external keyboard and mouse
  • Make sure that when you type on your keyboard, your elbow is bent at 90 degrees and is resting by your side
  • Do not shrug your shoulder when typing
  • Make sure that you sit up straight

2. Stretch your shoulder, Neck and Upper Torso

  • Stand up, clasp both hands and raise both shoulders with the palm facing the ceiling
  • Look up at the ceiling while stretching
  • Hold 10 seconds, perform 10 times a day

This one stretch can stretch all 3 parts, making it very efficient

3. Strengthen your upper back, such as your rhomboid muscles, to maintain good posture

  • Safely attach an elastic band at chest level
  • Pull the elastic band towards yourself, mimicking a rowing motion
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades while you pull at the elastic band
  • Perform 10 times for 3 sets a day
  • You can adjust the resistance by stepping closer or further away from the elastic band

Hope these tips can help you get rid of your “Laptop Neck Pain".  Do consult a physiotherapist or a medical practitioner for advice and guidance on how to manage your headache.

Written by

Maritza Lue

BSc Physiotherapy 

Maritza has over 20 years’ experience in the field of Physiotherapy. She acquired a diploma in Acupuncture, a certificate in Pilates, a certificate in Natural Wellness Nutrition, a certificate in cranial sacral therapy and many more skills. If you are suffering from neck pain issues, book an appointment with Maritza now.

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