Netball Specific Shoes Or Court Shoes Will Improve Your Netball Skills

Netball Specific Shoes Or Court Shoes Will Improve Your Netball Skills

If you want to be game ready for the upcoming netball season, it is time to look at what you wearing on your feet.

Standard running or fashion shoes just won’t do your netball justice. In fact, they may lead to injuries and footwork errors on the court.

Netball trainers are designed to withstand sideways movements. Running and walking shoes have stronger resilience at the front and back of foot – straight line, high impact stuff. Fashion shoes have no support for the ankle and usually no grip on the court so if you get many footwork calls from the umpires it might be your shoes!!

Netball players need ‘court specific’ footwear. Think sprinting tiny distances, jumping, spinning, quick starts and sudden stops. These all demand a huge amount of micro-movement of your foot and ankle. If your shoes don’t give you the maximum support you can end up with sprained ankles, shin splints and knee injuries.

Hong Kong doesn’t always have a great selection of netball specific shoes, but most court shoes, like tennis and volleyball shoes are designed with the same support in mind.

Examples Of Shoes Suitable For Netball

Shoes for netball should feel firm across the whole width of the shoe, as this reduces rubbing and with reduced movement there are less blisters

Examples Of Shoes Less Suitable For Netball

Try to avoid shoes that twist easily or have thin soles which do not help with stability and sideway movements

What Should You Look For In A Netball Trainer?

  • The shoe should feel firm across the whole width of the shoe. This minimises rubbing and with less movement, less blisters.
  • Make sure there is a bit of space between your toes and the end of the shoe. (Keep your nails short too) this stops blood blisters under the toes.
  • You should not be able to twist the shoe too easily as a thicker rubber sole helps with stability with sideway movements.

It is important in young players to have Netball specific shoes. This helps to improve their netball skills and keeps strain on their growing bones to a minimal. Hope you have all enjoyed the summer and we will see you on the courts soon!

Written by

Mel Potgieter

Registered Physiotherapist | HKNA Elite Programme Physiotherapy Partner

Mel is an experienced physiotherapist based out of the Prohealth Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy Centre on Wellington Street, Central. An avid Netball fan, she uses her knowledge and experience to help Hong Kong Netball Association athletes reach their full potential and avoid injuries.

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