Pain-Free Pre-Natal Journey

Pain-Free Pre-Natal Journey

Client story with Ms. Holder

Client story on her pain-free pre-natal journey

” I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and haven’t had any new pains from my pregnancy now. I truly believe this has been due to our physiotherapy treatment sessions, and the work tailored for my body to deal with each issue that was off. Maritza is very supportive, and this for a first time mom has been a life saver! ” Ms. Sarah Holder, our client at Prohealth Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy

Hi Sarah, tells us a bit more about yourself?

I am from New Zealand and I’ve been living in HK with my husband for 3 years. I came to see Maritza after hurting my back in the process of moving and packing for our journey back to New Zealand to give birth to our first baby. With a lot of back pain, neck pain, migraine and my left calf was cramping at night, I couldn’t sleep and felt miserable. Being pregnant, I was desperate to heal my back before I started to put more weight on and make it way worse.

Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone density leading to bone fragility and as a consequence, an increased risk of fracture.

How do you find Maritza and your pre-natal physiotherapy treatments?

I am SO happy I found her as I was seeing a chiropractor prior for a few sessions which didn’t help at all. Maritza resolved my back pain, neck pain and migraine in 4 sessions. My pelvis was misaligned, so one leg became shorter causing me to overuse the left calf. She fixed my calf in 1 session and my calf no longer cramps. Once I had the all clear from my OB, Maritza progressed me to do Reformer Pregnancy Pilates with very controlled exercise so I could strengthen and stretch without injuring myself further and slowly get my fitness back.

Osteoporosis is a ‘silent disease’ because most people are diagnosed with osteoporosis only after they suffer a fracture after a minor fall: a “fragility” fracture.

How would you rate your experience at Prohealth?

I would rate it 5 stars! Maritza got to the core of my problem and tackled it head on. She has alleviated so much pain from my life that now I am able to enjoy my pregnancy. Now my core is much stronger. I find myself standing straighter and feeling so much better compared to how I used to feel. I can also sleep a lot better.  Maritza is definitely a godsend for moms! Thank you Prohealth Sports & Spinal.

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