Physio Q&A: Can I get rid of Knee Pain with a “Strong Butt” ?

Physio Q&A: Can I get rid of knee pain with a “strong butt”?

Q: Can having a “weak butt” be a cause of my knee pain?

Glutes play a major role in stabilizing the pelvis and creating a stable base for the spine to dynamically move on. Hip external rotation and abduction (moving the leg to the outside as in side-lying leg raise) are produced by Gluteus Maximus and posterior fibres of the gluteus medius, which is important for knee health.

Faculty biomechanics of the lower limb can lead to musculoskeletal pain (such as knee pain) and dysfunction. Actually, not only in the knee, it can also happen in many other areas of the body.

Strengthen your glutes dynamically with functional-based full body movement in a personalised exercise prescription plan.

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