Headaches are one of the most common ailments and affects many people in their daily lives. Seeking medical treatment is a very sensible first step to rule out any medical causes for your headaches, especially if your headaches are a new or recent problem. In the case when these checks come back all clear, it is highly likely your neck is the problem.


Physiotherapy treats the underlying cause of the headaches, which can be the result of referred pain from disorders in the upper part of the neck. These nerves link directly to a part of the brain that we know is sensitised in people with headaches, so an expert assessment and treatment of the joints and soft tissues in the upper part of the neck can locate the cause, and resolve various types of headaches.


When assessing headaches initially, palpation of the tight muscles and joints in the upper part of the neck can temporarily reproduce a patient’s head pain. This is key in diagnosing a headache caused by the neck. By the first session, an examination to find the pain location/structure in your neck will confirm the neck as a cause of your headaches. If there are no relevant disorders found in the neck or upper back, physiotherapy treatment is not recommended and we would refer you back to your doctor or a specialist/neurologist for further investigation.

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If treatment is recommended, a customised treatment will start to ease the pattern of your headaches by the second or third session. Each treatment session may be a combination of massage, mobilisations, stretches, postural strengthening, ergonomics and at times, acupuncture.



  • Subjective questioning to determine the nature and history of your headaches
  • Postural observation
  • Range of movement testing
  • Palpation of the tight muscles and joints in the upper part of the neck
  • Examination to find any dysfunction in your neck that relates to/reproduces your headache symptoms (temporarily only)



  • Soft tissue and trigger point massage
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Stretches
  • Postural strengthening
  • Ergonomics
  • Acupuncture
  • Self management techniques to prevent re-occurrence

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