Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates Programme (Levels 1 - 3)

How does our Clinical Pilates Programme help?

Our Clinical Pilates programmes are categorised into three core levels of principles. A physiotherapist will always conduct a thorough one-on-one initial assessment.

The assessment will be tailored to your specific needs/goals and will include:

  • Assessment of muscle activation patterns in daily functional tasks
  • Assessment of task specific activities that you want to improve on i.e squat technique, golf swing for golfers etc.
  • Core muscle assessment via Real Time Ultrasound
  • Global muscle strength assessment
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Developing holistic fitness goals based on your needs
  • Advice on other therapies/ exercises/ diet/ lifestyle that can be used in conjunction to clinical Pilates
  • Devising a specific home exercise programme after each session to address specific goals

Clinical Pilates Programme: consists of Levels 1 to 3

Level 1

This level is for anyone wanting to gain an understanding of basic core strengthening/ Pilates principles.

We will target the following basic areas:

  • Activating stability/’core’ muscles in static positions
  • Breathing control
  • Body Alignment
  • Control in movement
  • Neuro-muscular patterning
  • Co-ordination

This will be incorporated initially to static positions then progressed to simple lower limb and upper limb movements.

You can then take these principles away and incorporate them into your daily practices, postures and exercise routine. We will also look at applying these basic principles to more task specific activities depending on your progress.

The information you will learn in this package is highly specific. Real Time Ultrasound is used to isolate your core muscles and teach you the correct methods of activation, something that is not ordinarily available at an exercise class environment. This package is appropriate for beginner level practices.

Level 2

We will progress to higher level activities once the basic techniques have been mastered. This package is ideal for those looking to incorporate Pilates safely as part of their fitness routine and under the one-on-one guidance of a trained physiotherapist.

We can work towards increasing:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Endurance whilst addressing correct and safe Pilates techniques
Level 3

This package is for those who would like to continue using clinical Pilates as a component of their fitness schedule or someone who requires more extensive rehabilitation. Recommended for higher level athletes, you will be assisted with mastering clinical Pilates techniques that reinforce correct bio-mechanical patterns.

The one-on-one sessions at Level three are most ideal:

  • As a way to incorporate regular exercise for those who have a history of pain and injury
  • To devise a custom and comprehensive rehabilitation programme to manage and eliminate your pain symptoms
  • Help you on your path to achieving specific fitness goals

* All clinical Pilates sessions are conducted one-on-one with a qualified physiotherapist.

Want to Consult Our Physiotherapists?

If you are interested in our Clinical Pilates programmes, please drop us an email at or call us at +852 2530 0073.

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Q: What Is Clinical Pilates And Its Benefits?

In its simplest form, clinical Pilates can:

  • Safely and effectively exercise your individual body to optimise and address movement patterns.
  • Achieve health goals not limited to core strength, flexibility, global muscular strength and endurance.
  • Achieve high level athletic performance.
  • Be varied to suit your own individual goals and body limitations to improve overall function and fitness

Q: What’S The Difference Between Yoga And Pilates?

Yoga is recommended for those without previous injury or pain to achieve increased flexibility. Since yoga works into end-of-range postures, those without a proper understanding of body mechanics can be at a higher risk of injury. That’s why, clinical Pilates is an ideal way to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance and fitness without increasing the risk of a ‘flare-up’ or injury.

Q: Who Can Benefit From Clinical Pilates?

  • Anyone can benefit from Clinical Pilates.
  • For the majority, we all have idiosyncrasies in our movement patterns that can lead to bio-mechanical inefficiencies, which in-turn can manifest in a variety of ways, including but not limited to poor training capacity, increased risk of injury, re-occurring injuries, inability to develop or consolidate skills etc.

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