Acute Back Pain affects 80% of adults worldwide and is often associated with disability, loss of working hours and depression to name a few. In most cases, 95% of back pain sufferers can be treated conservatively and quickly with the right physiotherapy care.

Each individual can experience pain very differently and the effects can differ based on individual lifestyles. Sports and Spinal physiotherapists can effectively assess the underlying cause of your pain and provide immediate pain relief with spinal mobilisation and manipulation techniques. Then progress to educate and empower you on how to reduce the discomfort long term and return you to your normal life.

A tailored programme specific to your needs, expectations of physiotherapy and realistic goals will be met, and we will not only work towards your physical goals, but understand and realise your social and emotional needs too. You will be given the tools necessary to accomplish improvements in flexibility, core strength and good movement patterns all explained in a treatment plan.

Working one-on-one with a fully qualified physiotherapist, you will be given a thorough postural, functional and core assessment to identify areas requiring treatment in addition to advising you on effective core exercises you can continue at home. Any alteration or modifications to your current posture, exercise techniques and routine will be discussed within your physiotherapy sessions. A specific Pilates based exercise programme can also be styled to your needs.

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Acute Back Pain Care Programme:


  • Education on your condition
  • Spinal Assessment
  • Manual treatment consisting of mobilisation and manipulation (where required)
  • Postural Assessment of sitting, sleeping and standing
  • Movement adaptations of lifting techniques and pacing
  • Muscle Length Testing
  • Real Time Ultrasound Assessment and Core Assessment
  • Gait Assessment
  • Goal identification
  • Strength Testing
  • Neurological Examination
  • Exercise and Lifestyle advice during Pain



  • Ongoing review and retesting objective measures and movement patterns
  • Progressive exercise plan
  • Continued manual treatment
  • Advice on return to activities of daily living and sports
  • Sport Specific Exercises addressing movement in 3Dimensions
  • Education and advice on preventing re-injury
  • Desk Assessment and advice
  • Advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle (weight, diet, nutrition, smoking cessation, hydration)

*Packages requiring more than 5 sessions can be customised based on individual needs and treatment plans. Frequency will be recommended by a physiotherapist on an individual basis.

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