ACL Rehabilitation

ACL Rehabilitation Programme

Understanding ACL Injuries

ACL injury or Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury is one of the most difficult to treat problems. ACL tears are usually associated with damage to other structures within the knee such as the menisci or collateral ligaments. This knee pain condition can lead to substantial discomfort in carrying out normal daily activities.

Before an ACL injury reaches a serious stage, some simple rehabilitation exercises can be done to avoid surgery. We also offer a omprehensive rehabilitation plan for post-operative patients that focuses onreturning them to their routine and pre-injury levels of activity.

Symptoms of an ACL Injury

Signs and symptoms of an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury can include:

A loud pop or a “popping” sensation in the knee

Sharp pain and inability to continue activity

Rapid swelling

Loss of range of motion

A feeling of instability when walking

Depending on the severity of the tear and the patient’s lifestyle, Sports & Spinal has two ACL rehabilitation plans for both non-surgical rehabilitation and both post-surgical rehabilitation.

Non-surgical ACL Rehabilitation Plan

This rehabilitation programme is for patients that suffer from mild to moderate rupture or “tear” of the ACL without other structures damaged or conditions contributing to the deteriorating knee pain. The initial assessment would include physical examination of the severity of the tear, lower limb joint and gait assessments, setting short and long term goals, as well as assessment of other potential problems caused by ACL injury.

Our physiotherapists can help provide:
  • Treatments for pain relief to regain movement range and mobility in the knee
  • Strengthening the weakened muscles by resistance training, manual facilitation, biofeedback machine etc.
  • Plyometric training at latter stage of rehabilitation
  • Specific technique drills according to patient’s sports activity
  • Home exercise prescription programmes will be designed and revised according to improving conditions

Post Operative Rehabilitation Plan

For patients who have undergone ACL reconstruction surgery, our experienced physiotherapists can help provide rehabilitation treatments to speed up recovery. The outcome of rehabilitation often varies depending on the patients’ circumstances, including if they have undergone other surgeries or have other underlying leg-related conditions. A tailor-made rehabilitation programme will be provided according to the patient’s requirements and medical history.

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