Areas of Expertise:

  • Women’s Health: incontinence, prolapsed pelvic floor
  • Pelvic and sacrum pain
  • Pre-natal and post-natal back and neck pain
  • Diastasis rectus (abdominal separation)
  • Pregnancy Pilates with reformer
  • Pre and Post-natal Pilates with reformer
  • De Quervains tenosynovitis, TMJ, headache
  • Scoliosis
  • Acupuncture

Tell us about your background in Physiotherapy.

I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2000 in Hong Kong. After applying what I learned in university into my clients, I realized that I did not have the skillset to fully rehabilitate my clients. There are many aspects of a person’s pain, and I wanted to heal a person as holistically as possible. That led me to acquire a diploma in Acupuncture, a certificate in Pilates, a certificate in Natural Wellness Nutrition, certificate in cranial sacral therapy and many more skills.

In recent years, I started to focus more on Women’s Health physiotherapy due to the lack of service and the great impact treatment has on a woman’s physical and emotional aspect.

I believe that women do not have to suffer in silence anymore. There are solutions for conditions that doctors and peers are too embarrassed to talk about.

What are your interests?

Before my whiplash injury while wakeboarding, I used to windsurf and wakeboard a lot. However, after the incident, I am now doing Tai Chi and meditation instead. I am also a classical music lover and enjoy opera and musical. I am a big foodie who focuses on being Gluten free and Dairy free. I am up to date with all the new restaurants, and educate chefs into this healthier diet.

Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

I was part of the Equestrian Events of the Olympic Games in 2008 which was held in Hong Kong. Due to my fluency in Spanish, English, and Cantonese, I was responsible to translate and facilitate any needs or requirement for Spanish speaking players and teammates. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to participate in the Olympic Games as a linguist and to be up close and personal with the players and their horses.

What is your area of expertise?

I am greatly drawn to treating women’s health physiotherapy issues including stress incontinence, urge incontinence, and prolapsed pelvic floor by combining electrical stimulation and reformer-based Pilates exercise. This combination provides the best outcome.

I treat pre-natal and post-natal sacroiliac joint instability and pain by realigning the pelvis and providing a brace or taping. For post-natal sacroiliac joint pain, I use acupuncture in my physiotherapy treatment as well in order to release the deep muscles spasm that may contribute to the misalignment.

For pre-natal and post-natal diastasis rectus (abdominal separation), I conduct specific reformer-based Pilates exercise in order to strengthen the core muscles.

Aside from women’s health physiotherapy, I also specialise with conditions such as tempero mandibular joint (TMJ) pain, headache, and scoliosis by combining acupuncture, manual therapy and specific scoliosis stretch.

What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

To be able to see mothers return to their normal daily activities and sports without any “embarrassing incidents”.

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