Eric Fung


Areas of Expertise:

  • Sports-related injuries (Running, racquet sports)
  • Overuse injuries with musicians
  • Spinal manual therapy for neck and back pain
  • Exercise prescription and rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Postural pain due to biomechanical issue or muscle imbalances

Background in Physiotherapy
My passion in sports has driven me to study Kinesiology for my undergraduate training from SFU, Canada in 2009. I have worked at both clinic and disabled sports organization as a Kinesiologist, mainly on exercise prescription and rehabilitation for patients with sports injuries. In 2013, I took on the challenge to finish my Master in Physiotherapy in Hong Kong and continued my postgraduate training in acupuncture, clinical pilates and manual therapy.
As an exercise enthusiast, I enjoy working and actively participate in the sports-physiotherapy field. I have worked at several international and local sporting events including the Hong Kong Rugby 7’s, U20’s Junior World Trophy, Oxfam Trail Walker, Standard Chartered Marathon, and International Frisbee Tournament. I was also the team physiotherapist for Valley Rugby team and a premier league soccer team in Hong Kong. I am currently also the national age grade and local development team physiotherapist under the HK Rugby Union.


What are your interests?
I enjoy a very active lifestyle. I have a daily routine of going to the gym for weight lifting, yoga, functional training or recently with calisthenic moves. On top of that, I love playing badminton and squash which make me also interested in looking at the sports biomechanics in racquet sports. As a musician myself, I also enjoy playing the piano or guitar as relaxation.


Life-changing experience
Born with a congenital problem myself, I was always in and out of the hospital till adulthood. When I was young, I was dreaming someday I would become a health care professional and help anyone in need. When I was in my final year of high school, I had the opportunity to job shadow few different occupations under the health care system. Physiotherapy was the most stand-out one from the rest that I picked (nursing, medicine, radiotherapy, pharmacy). What inspired me is how physiotherapist can treat pain and problems with just the use of their hands and specific exercises and without involving any invasive procedures. Since then, my career goal is to become a “hands-on” physiotherapist who takes on an active and movement/exercise approach to managing pain conditions.


My area of expertise
My interest is in sports biomechanics and movement analysis especially with racquet sports such as badminton and squash. I love addressing the postural imbalance and faulty biomechanics of the patients through the use of manual therapy, acupuncture and pilates, which are quite effective in treating their pain and enhance performance. I have a strong interest in working with injuries in the hip/ knee and shoulder as well as patients with core issues.


The most fulfilling part of this job
Being able to help my patients to find their root cause of pain or the core issue affecting their performance is what I enjoy doing. This process requires thorough assessment and clinical reasoning which is often challenging and unique to the condition. The most rewarding part is seeing them improving after each treatment session and empowering them to take greater control over their health.

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