Cliff Tsang


Areas of Expertise:

  • Manual therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Evidence-based exercise for rehabilitation and conditioning
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation including overuse / exercise injuries and chronic pain
  • Neurokinetic therapy

Tell us about your background in Physiotherapy.

I trained and qualified as a physiotherapist in Hong Kong. After graduating, I started off working in a local NGO serving patients with physical and neurological disability. I then moved into private practice which resolved around acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders, sports and spinal injuries.

In order to best assist your recovery process, I have taken post-graduate training including manipulative therapy, acupuncture, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation, Mckenzie technique, neurokinetic therapy and craniosacral therapy.


What are your interests?

I live a very active lifestyle. I love Crossfit and weight-training, recently started Muay Thai and scuba diving.

I believe physical training is the key to good physical and mental health. Training for fitness not only about making you successful in the gym and eat a little better but also make your mind strong. Through that, I adopted a strive and succeed attitude that prepares me with anything life throws my ways.

Besides, I am a book-addicted and reading keeps my mind sharp and able to easily retain knowledge.


Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

In 2018, I participated in a medical missions to rural areas of China with MSI professional services. On this trip, It took us 10 hours, due to narrow hill road, to reach a small town in a deep valley, where the local tribes live. Over the next 9 days, I provided physio service on pediatric and musculoskeletal cases. Although there is not much we can deliver during a brief mission, I do trained caregivers and rehabilitation assistants basic assessment, treatment technique and exercise prescriptions principles.

Going to this trip gave me a chance to work outside my comfort zone, be of great use to underprivileged communities and reinforce my passion in mastering my physio skills.


What is your area of expertise?

I am particularly strong in treating acute and chronic pain in different body parts and help clients regaining effective, painless functional movement.


What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

Nothing is more fulfilling than finding the root cause of the patients’ problems and help them to return to normal daily activities, participation in their favourite sport and total return in their performance.

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