3 Common Stretches You Can Do To Help With Your Back Pain

1. Lumbar Rotation

– Start in supine with knees bent up
– Rock knees side to side
– Maintain rib cage on floor
– Repeat 5-10 times each side

2. Glut Stretch

– Lie with knees bent up
– Place the heel of one leg onto the knee of the other
– Pull the opposite leg up towards your chest
– Hold 20 secs
– Repeat 3-5 times

3. Child Pose

– Start on all fours
– Bring your bottom towards the heels
– Arms stretched outwards
– Hold 20 sec
– Repeat 3-5 times

Disclaimer: * Be gentle when you start to stretch and only do it when you feel comfortable. If at any point during your stretch you begin to feel any discomfort, please stop immediately and consult your physio or physician.

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