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ProHealth Sports and Spinal is proud to be associated with these world-class athletes whom we work with and treat as our patients and friends. We really appreciate their trust in our treatment programmes and in our physiotherapists who take great care of them, relieving their pain, helping them recover from injuries, and maintaining their optimum sports performance.


3-time Olympian, Olympic Weightlifting Specialist & Coach at Coastal Fitness Performance Training

After moving to Hong Kong from Georgia, USA, in 2015, Cheryl Haworth joined up with the CSTL coaching team as its Olympic Weightlifting Specialist.

Representing the United States at three consecutive Olympic Games (2000, 2004 and 2008), Haworth was able to capture the Bronze Medal at the 2000 Olympics in the 75+kg weight category; this was also the debut of women’s weightlifting on the Olympic stage. Cheryl is one of the most decorated Olympic Weightlifters in U.S. history and was inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame in November 2015, as soon as she was eligible.

Haworth began Her lifting career in 1996 at the age of 13 in order to get stronger to supplement her school and intramural sports activities. The local coaching staff immediately recognized her potential as a weightlifter and less than six months later she won her first Junior National Championship. From 1998 (when Cheryl was 15 years old) until 2009 when she retired, she was undefeated in the Americas, winning 11 consecutive national titles and still holds every junior, senior and Pan-American record in her weight class. The latter gives Haworth the unique distinction of being the strongest woman in American and Pan-American history with the lifts of 128kgs in the Snatch and 161kgs in the Clean & Jerk.

As aforementioned, Cheryl is officially retired from competitive weightlifting but this has not kept her away from her passion and dedication to the sport. Being fully versed in traditional as well as the newest weightlifting philosophies (not to mention her extensive competitive experience) she is excited to share her wealth of knowledge with athletes who are as passionate about lifting as she is. Haworth immediately felt at home at CSTL and with the introduction of the Coastal Fitness Barbell Club, she is looking forward to some fun and exciting times ahead!

Physiotherapist treating Cheryl: Charmaine Tam

The CSTL Barbell Club is run by resident Olympic Lifting Specialist Cheryl Haworth. The program is split into 4 week cycles which will take participants through progressions to improve both specific areas of both the snatch and Clean+Jerk as well as general weightlifting. The class is kept to an 12 person limit to ensure that all attendees get enough one on one time with Cheryl in this 90 minute session. Cheryl applies all of her experience of attending numerous training camps with some of the worlds best to each session so that those attending get the authentic Olympic treatment and are ready to smash personal bests.

Cheryl Haworth was also featured in the award-winning documentary ‘STRONG!’ by Julie Wyman

Initial Release: June 18, 2012 (USA)


The North Face Adventure Team consists of a small group of Asia endurance sport champions based in the Asia Pacific region.

Team members strive to live out their passion for adventure, travel and international competition, while helping to promote the value and protection of Asia’s spectacular outdoor areas.


Team Management

Team Director: Ryan S. Blair

Team Coordination: Stan Leung

Marketing: Julie Leong

Webmaster: Eric Tse

Team Physiotherapist: Doug Tahirali

The team is managed by Asia Pacific Adventure, and sponsors include: The North Face, Champion System, C3fit, Hammer Nutrition, Princeton Tec, Ibis Cycles, SRAM, and Rockshox.

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