Peggy Chien

Peggy Chien

  • BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy (HK)
  • Diploma in Modern Acupuncture
  • Registered Physiotherapist (HK)

Area of Expertise

  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Occupational related conditions
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Manual therapy for spinal conditions
  • Acupuncture
  • Modern cupping
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Exercise prescription

Tell us about your background in physiotherapy:

Since I was young, I always noticed my father coming home from work with a sore body, full of aches and pains. He worked tirelessly as a mechanic to support our family, at the cost of his own health. Seeing him in such a state urged me to become a ‘mechanic’ of the human body so that one day I can help relieve his burden.

Because of this, I decided to pursue my Degree in Physiotherapy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and become a Registered Physiotherapist. After my graduation, to help those in need, I worked in community settings. This gave me a variety of case exposure, and ultimately affirmed my passion to treat people who are in need, just like my father. My goal is to provide high quality service to all my clients, the same quality that I would like my father to receive, so I can help them return pain-free to their daily lives. And that’s the reason I decided to join Prohealth Sports & Spinal.

What are your interests?

I see myself as an explorer, whose biggest excitement is to try out new things! Therefore, on weekends you can find me playing different sports like wake surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, tennis, etc. I workout frequently too as I am trying to build a healthier body and keep myself fit.

Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

I once went on a trekking trip in Nepal with my friend. It was our first overseas trekking trip and a fun opportunity to create training programmes for myself to prepare for the trip. When we were at an altitude of about 5,000m, getting close to on our destination, my companion got altitude sickness. It was a special ‘sports physiotherapist’ experience for me, from symptom management whiles finding the way back, reviewing her medical appointment follow-ups and eventually helping her return to playing sports. The trip reminds me of how we should always take care of our cardiopulmonary health.

What is your area of expertise?

Pain is complex and different for everyone. As such, I have been attending different courses to sharpen my techniques, so that I can give the best treatment to each client. I usually treat patients with acupuncture, soft tissue release and joint mobilisation techniques. However, health and rehabilitation are more than just solving the pain, which is why exercise is one of the essentials I prescribe to my clients. Not only should we aim to relieve pain, but also better body mechanics and mobility to help prevent injury from reoccurring.

What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

Seeing my clients leaving the clinic with improved health and telling me that they have returned to things they love to do.

What Our Clients Say

Look for Peggy! Friendly and professional! Cured my upper back pain with ease.  

Andrew Tam

This clinic is great! Been to Peggy throughout my pregnancy and now post-pregnancy and she has done miracles for my back! Strongly recommend her! And the girls in the reception are so nice and helpful as well! Great place!  

Anna T

Peggy is attentive, empathetic and capable. I’ve now seen her multiple times now for different injuries - she’s been able to help me with all of those effectively and helped me to speed up my recovery. Thanks so much Peggy !

Athena Tam

Peggy is really helpful with my neck pain!

Dan Fang

Peggy is very helpful and knowledgeable. A very positive experience, looking forward to the next visit. Thank you!

Ellie S

Thanks Peggy, it really helps!

Fionne Chiu

Peggy’s help and treatment has been so beneficial. She really listened to what was happening and her advice and work has really helped me. She is friendly, professional and attentive.  

Madeline Clark

Thanks to Peggy, had a few sessions here after injuring my knee during workouts, and not only has the pain been gone now but I also got to learn some tricks and how to strengthen some key parts of my body that were weak 🙂 + nice and kind physiotherapist 🤗 highly recommend~


Saw Peggie for a session to help with pain in the sole of my foot. She is caring and takes the time to explain things. She is clearly knowledgeable when it comes to the human physiology

S Yip

Modern physio centre facility with friendly and professional staff, particularly Peggy is nice, cheerful and resolved my spine pain 👍👍, good job! Thank you    

Timothy Tang

Peggy Chien introduced me to use a massage ball to massage my upper back better.

Uranus Yan

Peggy is a professional physiotherapist and all her recommendations are useful for relieving my back pain. Her treatment helped me to solve my spine problem effectively and efficiently. Thank you so much!


Peggy is a great physio, she is friendly and helps me get rid of my neck pain and arm numbness. I strongly recommend her to other clients too.

Alice Chu

I have been seeing Peggy for my neck, shoulder, back pain, and she has been very helpful and eased my problem a lot. Highly recommend!

Anthony Kam

Peggy is my physiotherapist and she’s been awesome in helping relief pain and discomfort in my shoulders. Highly recommended!

Brigitte Ong

Peggy is a good physiotherapist She is caring and very attentive to patients needs

Candice Cheung

Peggy is good, nice, and can help to relieve my pain. Her suggestions was really helpful.

Celia Cheong

Visited the center 2 times. Physiotherapist Peggy is experienced in giving treatment and providing practical advice to improve the cervical condition.


Peggy has been very helpful with my shoulder, neck, and back pain. Also the clinic has been very accommodating to my schedule. Thank you!

Kate C

A great first session with Peggy - very informative and helpful!

Laura Jarram

My knee pain has been noticeably better after every session with Peggy. She’s always able to find the most painful spots and help me address them. She’s friendly and easy to talk to as well which is always great to have in a therapist!

May Lee

Peggy helped me a lot with my muscle pain, thanks a lot.

Moosernine 9

Thanks to Peggy, had a few sessions here after injuring my knee during workouts, and not only has the pain been gone now but I also got to learn some tricks and how to strengthen some key part of my body that were weak 🙂 + nice and kind physiotherapist 🤗 highly recommend~

Morane Bahri

Peggy has been great at helping me with my neck and jaw pain, mixing both acupuncture and other physio treatments. Coming twice a week and I love it! No more migraines 👍🏻

Oline Abildstrøm

I think Peggy has been great! She has been explaining my situation to me in details! Super star!!

Pasca Ho

Peggy is great and helpful. Love this place.

Pepper Tam

Peggy is quite kind, really helpful for my knee pain.

Vicky Zhao

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