Gary Ng

Gary Ng

  • B.AppSc in Physiotherapy (AUS, USYD)
  • Registered Physiotherapist (HK & AUS)

Area of Expertise

  • Acute & chronic spinal conditions (back and neck pain)
  • Musculoskeletal and neurological conditions
  • Postural analysis and muscle imbalance
  • Manual therapy (e.g. trigger point release, joint mobilisation)
  • Workplace injuries & accidents (e.g. lifting injuries, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), falls, getting hit, twisted ankles etc.)
  • Car accident injuries
  • Sports related injuries

Tell us about your background in physiotherapy:

My physio journey started with acquiring my own lower back pain at the age of 15 during the high school soccer training. My back rehabilitation with the physio at the time had reached the plateau and the pain had not been fully resolved. Hence, I had decided to know more about the condition and was hoping for finding a cure to it.

I had then been trained and practiced as a physiotherapist in Sydney, Australia. I had been working mostly in musculoskeletal outpatient settings e.g. clinics, medical centres & hospitals. With my experience as both a physiotherapist and patient, I have been able to help a wide range of patients especially people with acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, workplace injuries, car accident injuries and sports related injuries.

What are your interests?

I enjoy different outdoor activities e.g.  hiking, tree top trekking, playing badminton, surfing, and swimming. After returning to Hong Kong, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and my dog. I also enjoy playing piano and have been picking up meditation in recent times.

Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

It must be my lower back recovering journey. I had hundreds of nights not been able to sleep and was not able to return to sports. It had even affected my concentration and emotion.

“Evolving” from a patient to a physiotherapist helps me to understand more about patients’ frustrations and needs.  This assists me to be able to support the patients physically and psychologically more effectively.

What is your area of expertise?

I believe good clinical reasoning is the key to a “true and complete” recovery. We physios must find the origin or reasons of the injury in order to provide valuable treatment and opinions. There is no “one treatment treats all” and patients will require different types of care throughout different stages.

I treat patients with trigger point release, joint mobilisation, exercise prescription and education.

My biggest passion in physiotherapy is treating spinal conditions. Spinal pain, especially chronic situations, is not easy to fully resolve and I loved to assist my patients to stop being frustrated. I am also a strong believer in postural correction as good posture provides the base for us to move and sustain for the long term.

What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

Seeing patients to be free from pain, recover fully from their injuries and return to their sports, activities, work as “easy, simple, and soon” as possible.

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What Our Clients Say

Sports & Spinal is a great choice for quality physiotherapy in Hong Kong. I visited this centre over several weeks for neck and shoulder stiffness and leg pain. Physiotherapist Gary was thorough in his assessment and treatment of the issues. He also gave personalized exercises that were helpful to do at home. The centre is very centrally located, and very nice and clean. Strongly recommend!

Alison Lake

I am Angus and I would like to share my feedback with Dr. Gary K.W. Ng as passion and Professional fixed my body problem. as my body cannot move for over a few days and Dr. Ng after carefully checked it and advised physical body movements. I’m very happy to fix my body now. Thanks so much for your contribution.

Angus Un

I have been suffering knee pain for more than one year. After consulting Gary Ng, I found great improvement in pain. He listened patiently to my case, identified the root causes of my pain, arranged exercises to strengthen leg muscles. He is a nice guy and willing to help. Thanks!

Carrie Ip

I started visiting Gary Ng last Dec when I had pain in my left hip even when walking not to mention some weaknesses on my knees so that I can’t really walk downstairs and down the slope. Gary first asked my objectives in 3 months’ time. I said if I had no pain walking and if I can walk downstairs it would be great. Now after 3-4months, not only are my objectives basically achieved, I can even start jogging once a week. I thought I couldn’t run anymore. A big thank to Gary and his persistent teaching which I faithfully follow.

Celina Chan

Gary really helped me understand how the right exercises can help reinforce muscle groups in the lower back and shoulder, providing more stability and control. I highly recommend him.

César Audiffren

The therapist (Gary Ng) is very professional. He is passionate at his work and with adequate professional knowledge and skills to relieve my back pain. I highly recommend Gary to people who are seeking for physio help.

Daniel Lam

I had ligament tear on my ankle and I can’t walk and feel lots of pain. It was swollen and blue-black and it never seems to get better even after two weeks. So I decided to try this place recommended by my colleagues and glad I did. My physiotherapist, Gary, used an ultrasound machine to help with the inflammation, and right after the first session, I can see my blue-black became 50% lighter and my ankle is less swollen. Gary also told me that I should have gone to physio right after I had injured my ankle, the recovery would have been a lot faster. He also taught me exercises to help to improve my ankle condition. My ankle had become so much better after seeing him. Highly recommend this place.

Effie Toh

Have sought help from Gary on my shoulder issues. Gary is very helpful and nice, with good improvement on my shoulder condition.

Ivan Lee

This is my fifth time I sprained my ankle. I have been to different physio centres before, but Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Centre must be the best among all centres. I just wanted to express my profound gratitude to Gary for taking such good care of me during my recovery. Your patience and understanding during the rehabilitation process made it so much more bearable. Gary applied a combination of sophisticated massage, ultrasound therapy and training in the gym. Once again, thank you for being such a kindhearted care provider and for making my treatment as bearable as possible.

Jerry Leung

Physiotherapist Gary has done a great job in healing my neck and back pain. My neck and back pain were in terrible pain last two weeks as a result of prolonged bad posture at work. Gary patiently gave me a series of treatments. He also pointed out the causes of the pain and gave me some good suggestions to correct my posture. I feel much better after the treatments. Highly recommend visiting Gary if anyone needs a physio treatment!

Joyce Chan

I have started visiting Sports & Spinal for a few weeks now due to an injury on my right shoulder blade, and after a few weeks I can feel that my injury and posture are both improving compared to my first visit. Physiotherapist Gary was very friendly and helpful in his treatments and also when he teaches posture correction exercises. Will continue my physio journey here and see how it goes!

Louie Ee Chen Lam

Gary has been very helpful throughout my pregnancy in relieving back pain and designing exercises that suit my situation. Thank you!

Pang Sharon

I visited Gary for my stiff shoulder and neck from bad posture during breastfeeding. He identified the root right away and my neck is moves much better after 1 session. The follow up sessions helped relieving my long discomfort from my bad posture in the office too.

Plum Pong

Gary Ng is an excellent physiotherapist. He effectively treated my twisted wrist and sole pains. He taught me the needed exercises to improve my ankle, leg and buttock muscles. He also taught me to improve my walking posture. In addition, he advised me to use better keyboard to reduce strain on my wrist.

Vincent Ng

I was being treated by Gary for a finger injury which I sustained for months, while it wasn’t worsening it wasn’t getting better neither. Gary had a very thorough check in the condition and explained to me very clearly what was causing the problem. After my first treatment session I was already feeling a difference (something I didn’t expect, given my previous experience with physios), and after a handful of sessions (along with doing the exercises Gary showed me) I’m glad to say the problem is basically fixed. I think what makes Spinal and Physio different is they look my injury on a ‘tailored’ basis instead of applying some one-size-fits-all / blanket solutions (ultrasound and electro-therapy for everything…?) that is common in some other physio clinics, and thanks to that I have had a speedy recovery. Thanks you!

Vincent Yeung

Long-term neck and back pain. Tried many different therapies, from TCM, acupuncture, chiropractor, massage, but none worked. Gary‘s approach is very different from what I have experienced. He has his methodology and a systematic approach. He does not pop or crack bones but dig into muscles, clear knots, and facilities joints mobility. He also suggests easy movement for posture awareness and improvement. After three sessions, I feel satisfactory progress around my neck area. I will continue for a few more sessions. Recommend to try.


I’ve seen Gary for my shoulder and neck injury. I’ve never felt better

Zachary Baker

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