Chris Sherer

Chris Sherer

  • BHSc (NZ. Physiotherapy)
  • Registered Physiotherapist

Area of Expertise

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Post-operative rehabilitation, knee reconstruction surgery rehabilitation
  • Manual therapy techniques, acupuncture
  • Alternative treatments – incorporate Western style needling with Chinese medicine acupuncture techniques

Tell us about your background in physiotherapy:

I trained as a physiotherapist in New Zealand. My first job was at a sports clinic in Auckland where we treated a lot of sports and workplace injuries. In 2008, I moved to the United Kingdom and worked for 4 years in both private practice and in the NHS. Back then, I was a rugby player and physiotherapist for the Mighty West London Cowboys.

In 2011 I moved to Hong Kong to take up the job at Sports and Spinal. Since moving to Hong Kong, I have supplemented my “day job” at Sports and Spinal with work for the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union as the Hong Kong National Women’s Rugby 7’s physiotherapist (for 3 years) and as the physiotherapist for the Valley Men’s Premier rugby team. I’ve also been lucky enough to treat professional athletes including international cricket players from the International Sixes tournament and multiple golf major winners, as well as many battle weary bankers, lawyers and accountants.

What are your interests?

My two girls are top of the list, followed closely by coffee and red wine (both as a result of the two girls). I also love playing most sports, running and multi-sports, watching the Mighty All Blacks, the New Zealand Warriors (not so mighty at present) and I try to keep fit to keep up with my girls! When time permits I love to travel.

Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on.

In 2011, I was the physiotherapist to a 4-man cycling team that participated in Race Across America (RAAM), cycling 3,000 miles across the United States (West Coast to East Coast) in just over 6 days. It was a challenging 6 days where sleep deprivation lead to literally near death experiences, but overall it was an amazing adventure that gave me the opportunity to see a lot of the USA, as well as help the cyclists get through their pain barriers and onto the finish line.

What is your area of expertise?

Workplace and sports injuries. As a musculoskeletal physiotherapist who trained in New Zealand, I use a very hands-on approach using manual therapy techniques. Having also trained in acupuncture, I sometimes incorporate Western style needling approach with traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture techniques for patients who might require alternative treatment options if they are not responding to normal physiotherapy treatments. I enjoy the challenge of rehabilitating patients post operatively, especially patients who have had knee reconstruction surgery. I also have a strong interest in postural ergonomic assessment and setup, which relates to my small side business promoting standing desks.

What is the most fulfilling part of this job?

Helping my patients to get back on the pitch/ field/ court/ track or back in the office as soon as possible.

What Our Clients Say

Chris Sherer is exceptional!! Extremely knowledgeable and supportive in getting back to full fitness post knee op. Can not speak highly enough of Chris and would strongly recommend him to everyone’s.

Dickie Wada-Thomas

Sports and Spinal in Jardine House is not only conveniently located, but has one of Hong Kong’s best physiotherapists on its team: Chris Sherer. He helped me tremendously before and after my shoulder surgery. My left shoulder is as good as new. Thanks to his treatment and simple-to-follow exercises at home. Also, he’s a great guy to exchange notes regarding parenting of little girls 🙂

Sebastian Hartmut Schenk

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