Suffering from consistent pain or need rehabilitation:

  • Do you suffer with back or neck pain?
  • Have you injured yourself on the sports field?
  • Do you have persistent headaches?
  • Are you stiff or uncomfortable at work?
  • Have you just had an operation and want to maximise your recovery?

Need a little more help to be at your best:

  • Do you want better posture?
  • Are you pregnant, or have recently become a mother, and suffer from painful wrists or a sore back?
  • Do you have specific questions related to Women’s health issues?
  • Do you need assessments that help improve your sports performance?
  • Do you want personalised preventative treatments to improve your health?

Live an active lifestyle and need more advice:

•Do you have a recurring sporting injury?

•Are you training for a sporting event and want to improve performance?

•Are you returning to sport after a break, or going on an active holiday, and want to reduce the risk of injury?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help. We don’t just treat you to relief pain temporarily, our service promise is to lead you onto the road to full recovery and to care for you at every step of the way.


Our patients deserve the absolute best in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. A major part of our treatment focus is to provide you with real, easy to understand explanations of your problems and a treatment plan that leads to full recovery.

To achieve this, both clinics are equipped with digital cameras, real time ultra sound and surface EMG biofeedback. In the right hands, these whizzy pieces of equipment can show exactly why you have a problem then we can fix it.



One-on-one private consultations with a physiotherapist



A detailed analysis and explanation of your condition



The first step to checking your body’s response to treatment



Formulating a plan that covers the treatment while you’re in the clinic and steps to improve on in your daily routine

illustration images 2_900px_discharge


Get discharged with a clean bill of health and a plan to stay healthy

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