Back Care Tip: Cat Camel Stretch

In the next few weeks, we will be focusing our simple exercises on your thoracic spine, the area in-between your lower back and neck. The ‘Cat Camel Stretch’ is best for flexing and extending your spine. Your back will feel energised and relaxed after this.

Target: To flex and extend your spine

Step 1:   Start in a stable position on all fours and relax your head.

Step 2:   Arch for a round back, then tuck your tail bone under and allow your head and neck to be relaxed while looking between your legs.

Step 3:   Slowly look forward, and draw the shoulders away from your ears and dip the lower spine while aiming the tail bone to the sky. Repeat 10 times slowly.

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** Please note it is highly recommended you seek advice from a physiotherapist before commencing any stretching exercise if you experience pain. 

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