Back Care Tip: The Archer

Target: To ease tension in the area between the shoulder blades by rotating the middle back.

Step 1:   Lie on your side with shoulders away from your ears and have hands together, extended out in front of you. Keep hips square.

Step 2:   Draw the top arm across the body, rotate your head to follow your arm, and rotate the upper body and look behind you. Keep hips square and facing forward.

Step 3:   Slowly repeat 10 times, then roll over and repeat on the other side

Exercise recommendation by Kate Pallett and Sara Croker

Physio in photo: Sara Croker

** Please note it is highly recommended you seek advice from one of our physiotherapists before commencing any stretching exercise if you experience pain. These stretches should be pain free and patients should breathe normally while holding the stretch if required.

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