Back Care Tip: Hip Flexor / Psoas Stretch

Back Care Tip #4: Hip Flexor / Psoas Stretch

How confident are you that you are doing the right stretches for your body?

Today we turn our bodies to a hip flexor that helps to lengthen our psoas muscles.

Step 1:   Kneeling on the leg to stretch, tilt your pelvis underneath and flatten the lumbar spine (tuck your tail bone under)

Step 2:   Lean forward until you feel the stretch at the front of the hip and extend the same arm up to the sky

Step 3:   Gently squeeze your gluteal muscles together, side bend away from the kneeling leg to enhance the stretch, hold for 60 seconds

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** Please note it is highly recommended that you seek advice from one of our physiotherapists before commencing any stretching programme. These stretches should be pain free and patients should breathe normally while holding the stretch.

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