Back Care Tip: Hip/ Piriformis Stretch

Back Care Tip #3: Hip/ Piriformis Stretch

This week we turn our attention specifically to our hips and legs. The piriformis muscle lies just behind your hip joint (in the gluteal region), so this stretching exercise is great for lengthening those muscles. It’s also a simple exercise to improve flexibility in your hips and glutes, as well as combat bad posture or running form.

Exercise recommendation by: Sara Croker and Kate Pallett (in photos)

Step 1:   Bring the knee towards the opposite shoulder and pull the foot across your body

Step 2:   Ensure your hips are flat on the floor

Step 3:   Alternatively cross the foot at the knee and hug the knee to chest, hold for 60 seconds

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**Please note that all these stretches should be pain free and patients should breathe normally while holding the stretch.

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