Back Care Tip: Hamstring Stretch

Back Care Tip #1: Hamstring Stretch

We dedicate this month to exercise tips that will complement the Acute Back Pain Care programme at Sports and Spinal.

Every week, we will show you handy and very simple exercise tips you can do in the office and at home. Today, we start with the hamstring stretch, which helps to lengthen the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh.

Step 1:   Ensure that the leg is straight and the toes are pointing straight up.

Step 2:   Tip from the hip, keeping the back straight until you feel stretch in hamstrings.

Step 3:   To increase the stretch gently rock pelvis forward by increasing the arch in your lower back (point tail bone up). Hold for 60 seconds.

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**Please note that all these stretches should be pain free and patients should breathe normally while holding the stretch.

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