Physio Tips: How to Prevent Golf Injuries – Part 1: Thoracic spine mobility

Thoracic spine mobility is very important in Golf. The more rotation you have, the more power you will be able to extract from your swing. A golfer with a stiff thoracic spine will overcompensate by using their lower back, which can lead to golf injuries.

A great exercise that will help to achieve Thoracic spine rotation is demonstrated here. This is also a great exercise for students and office workers who don’t move into thoracic rotation enough on a regular basis.

Step 1: 
Place yourself in 4 points kneel, core activated and shoulder blades are drawn down and toward the spine. Place the back of one hand on your forehead.

Step1: Thoracic spine mobility

Step 2: 
Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, rotate your elbow towards the ceiling ensuring that you rotate the trunk as far around as you can.

Step 3: 
As you breathe in, return past the starting position. Repeat 5-6 times each side.

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