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Consultations with a physiotherapist is always one-on-one. Begin with an initial assessment, expert evaluation and initial treatment, followed by a therapy plan just for you.

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At ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Centres, we are in the business of not only treating your aches and pains, but also to provide you with the very best care and therapy that’s personalised for your recovery plan. Conveniently located in the fast-paced financial district of Central on Hong Kong Island, ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Centres are found at Winway Building on Wellington Street and the iconic Jardine House. You can always expect a warm welcome from our friendly staff in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Consultations with a physiotherapist is always one-on-one, beginning with an initial assessment, expert evaluation and initial treatment, followed by a therapy plan to set goals and get you back on track living life to the fullest. The therapy plans often include manual therapy techniques, needling, self-directed exercise programmes and strategies that look into your lifestyle.

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Come in for a chat with one of our physiotherapists who will plan the right treatment for you.

Back Programme

Lower back pain is extremely common and one of the most frequent conditions we treat at Sports and Spinal. Back problems can cause back muscle spasms, which can lead to severe pain and discomfort. Talk to our team about identifying symptoms and get an assessment to pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain with a proper treatment plan.

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Women’s Health Programme

Our women’s health physiotherapists are passionate about providing the best possible care for women and have the expertise to diagnose and manage conditions unique to women. Our therapists are skilled in treating a wide range of women’s health conditions such as pelvic floor weakness/dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, stress and urge urinary incontinence, as well as sexual pain and dysfunction syndromes.

Our therapists are also experienced in providing treatment for pregnancy and post-natal related conditions such as pelvic girdle pain, abdominal separation, shoulder, neck, back and wrist pain, all of which are very common during and after pregnancy.

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Knee Rehabilitation Programme

An ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear is one of the most common sports-related knee injuries that patients suffer from and need rehabilitation. High demand sports like rugby, basketball, tennis, hockey and even dancing, all require a functioning ACL to preform common manoeuvres like cutting, pivoting and sudden turns. With proper care, knee injuries can start to get better within a few days or weeks for a common injury like an ACL tear. For more serious conditions after reconstruction or surgery, a knee rehabilitation programme will require an exercise prescription of leg strengthening, high level balance retraining, and to address knee stability and any sport-specific agility goals with our sports physiotherapists.

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Make An Appointment today

Come in for a chat with one of our physiotherapists who will plan the right treatment for you.

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